Why do i haave to constantly resize the arrangement window?

This thread is making me feel so old. Every now and then a new generation of Cubase users turn up and notice this problem. Then the same order of emotions; confusion, anger, resolve to force Steiney to change and finally defeat.

Can’t help but chuckle - while the work space system does work - it’s not as convenient as the the system EVERY OTHER APPLICATION ON EARTH FOLLOWS.

It is the one change in Cubase I would wish more than anything else but I would also like to look like Denzil Washington. I know which is more likely to happen. :unamused:

Well, Chris or someone from Steinberg said during the lead up to C6 that no changes to windowing would be in C6, but they were looking at it for future releases. So there is hope.

Yes but will I be alive when they release Cubase 9?! :wink:

Not if your enemies have anything to say about it! I would suggest staying away from Sharks with Lasers … and hope all minions continue to be incompetent boobs. :mrgreen:

EDIT: By the way, I love your avatar.

Steiny won’t fix this unless we’re willing to just go to another app.

They’ve been saing they would look into fixing it “in a later version” since SX. After a decade, I’ve decided, you’re either gonna live with it, switch to a Mac, or stop using Cubendo.

Any time I get this when I install a new or fresh Cubase I do the age old solution and resize the windows manually and it’s bye bye, gone.
Must be something deep in the coding I guess. I also surmise that when they try and hunt it down they fall asleep after a day or so, get fed up and do something more interesting. :mrgreen:

We’re in the entertainment business. How the hell do you avoid sharks and lasers? Not to mention the “Care in the Community” crowd. :unamused:

Don’t worry the new window system is coming… just look at the latest versions of Steinberg’s other apps Wavelab, Halion, and Sequel ALL have dockable windows! Personally I’m pretty satisfied with the current floating windows but there are a few windows I would like having the option to dock.

I hope they go closer to Halion 4 than wavelab. Wavelab is Docking gone wrong, it’s the perfect example of taking a great paradigm and totally fucking it up. Pretty much how Cubase fucks up old windowing. H4 gets a lot of it right.

I’m really concerned that when they finally do it, they will really kill multiple monitor support. I use 3 monitors that are all different sizes. 32" , 24" and a 40" TV. I used to have 3 x 24". And I’ve had various incarnations of multiple monitors of multiple sizes over the years. I really hate the conversion to “laptop” users in most UIs.

Ok i have tried the method you described and it works with the exception of the “midideviceeditor” which is not possible for me to force to load on top.

In fact if you look for some old threads there will be people asking for “AOT” for windows that do not currently allow it such as the Pool Window, so as far as I am concerned I’d rather have that (AOT for Audio Pool) than to have everything docked.

On the other hand, as far as docking goes I personally would like to only be able to dock the transport bar so that it becomes a part of of the application rather than a floating window, which can be undocked at will.

Funny, no one seems to mention dockable windows. This seems the obvious way to go. I have dual monitors and i am constantly tweaking ans shoving things around as scroll bars appear and disappear in the track window. I also find the Always on Top thing is counterintuitive uncheck it and it stays on top.

Dockable windows please Santa

or maybe 72 inch monitors!

Hi Zero

It’s maybe one of those issues when presented with a reasonable amount of angst, it would seem the entire userbase is universally peeved at the workings of a particular aspect of the application, when this may not be the case at all.

As far as I’m concerned, the last thing I want is a fully docked interface.

I’ve tried StudioOne and to me, while it has some great aspects such as how it deals with tracks by default; docked internal windows is not a panacea I seek in order to get around the program.

Cubase being such a complex beast has various ways and means at the disposal of the user and in particular this area of the application over the years has in one way or another served as something of a whipping post for many a user but as time goes on it seems the allure generally wares off and then it’s back off to work we go.

Okay but are there not windows that you can not set to always on top, opening the pool for example or a MIDI editor always causes me a resize of the main window cause you cant set them to AOT.

I have a dual monitor set up and I keep the arrangement window maxed in the main monitor and then I have the transport, plugs, and mixer set to AOT in the second monitor. At times it would be very useful to have the pool sitting open in that second monitor but I have never figured out how to get the pool over there - I think because you cant’ set AOT.

Anyone have different experience in this regard?

The Pool is just like Mediabay, can’t be set to AOT thus can’t be dragged to the second screen. A workaround is to extend the Cubase desktop across the other screen.

Steiny’s said that they’re going through all the legacy code in the program so hopefully things will change soon.

Lets examine this please…

  1. How many screens are you using?
  2. How large are the screens you are using
  3. How often do you track counts vary .i.e. 8 to 32? group tracks? Instruments?
  1. I’m using two screens
  2. One is 24" of 1920 x 1080, the other 19" of 1280 x 1024
  3. Track counts here vary between 3 and say, 50 or so, and include Instrument tracks, MIDI and audio.
    Since I mix out of the box, I must say I hardly ever use the Cubase mixer, so that makes a difference ofcourse. My interface, controller and mixer (Tascam DM3200) is 32 channels in and out to/from PC, and most grouping takes place there, as does almost all effects processing.

Luck, Arjan

Irony - I wish the MAC windows would not work in a ‘floating’ manner - in fact the window manager ability of windows works wonderful. In previous versions one could quickly arrange new windows by tiling and then saving that arrangement as a workspace if so desired.
Now in both MAC and W7, one is constantly trying to fit windows for optimal space and then save workspace, as heaven forbid that you require that exact arrangement 10 minutes later… :cry:

[For the record - I think the MAC method of working with multiple windows is ludicrous… hence the inability to penetrate the office environment in any serious way, but that’s just my opinion, and quite possibly detracting from the original discussion]

:astonished: :astonished: … thought so