Why does Cubase automatically set event start locations?

When I import a sample, Cubase sets ‘event start’ position to some weird, arbitrary place.
In that sample’s case, it apparently set it to the END of the sample.
And when I have the ‘snap’ on, it won’t snap to the first bar of the grid.
Why does this happen?


The Event Start is obviously placed at the start of the Event, as shown in your screenshot.
You have even added a red box to highlight it.

I believe you are talking about the Snap Point, this sets where the Event will snap on the Grid.
Indeed there is an issue where the Snap Point is placed to the end of the Event under certain circumstances. If that’s the case, then simply open the Sample Editor, find the S handle, and grab it where you want it to be.


How do I make it so that it never creates any snap points in between?
How do I prevent from this ever happening again?

Btw, the ‘s handle’ is nowhere to be seen.

You can’t, Snap Point cannot be disabled.
It’s a bug and there’s no way to prevent it until it’s fixed.

Are you sure you don’t see it ? Normally it’s in the center of the waveform. You can adjust the Editor view options to Global Zoom and Show Clips and Events.

Just thought I’d bump this. To reiterate, when bringing in an audio file, Cubase sets the Event Snap Point to an arbitrary place somewhere near the start of the sample, but not the actual start, meaning that if you drag the audio block to a snapped point (say a bar line) or select ‘move to cursor’ or ‘origin’, the Event Snap Point will be moved to this point, not the beginning of the sample.

This bug was first raised years ago. It’s difficult to understand how something so fundamental to audio editing hasn’t been addressed, or why there couldn’t be a preferences setting with a check box labelled ‘Set Event Snap Point to Event Start by Default’ to override this behaviour, if it’s supposed to be an obscure feature. On a few occasions when I’ve been in a hurry it’s led to me sending clients mixes with the beginning lopped off, which is embarrassing.

As the other posters have said, bringing in multiple samples and aligning them to their Event Start always involves going through each one, dragging back the Event Snap Point to Event Start manually, which seems like a massive waste of time.


Has the file you’re trying to import been exported with Cubase in first place?
As far as I know, it does this when recording and rendering. That way, the audio content properly aligns to the grid, even if the recording or rendered Event didn’t start on a grid increment (set by the quantize value). This is expected and makes the editing much easier and I think most people don’t want to disable this.

However this has been discussed in other topic as a bug that exhibits a very similar behavior, but it happens very very rarely. The bug in question applies the said offset an additional time and in consequence shifts the audio to the left. Or applies it on an Event that doesn’t require it, I don’t remember exactly but that’s the same thing. I have myself experienced it once when testing but couldn’t reproduce it a second time even after dozens of tries.
According to some people, disabling Insert iXML Chunk fixes the “bug”.

+1 about this.
When I turn off the snap function I want ALL snapping to be gone.
(not even pressing Ctrl while moving the file helps)
Just like @Jez I have also ended up making mistakes when working in a hurry, because I forget that I have this forced Event Snap Point to consider as well.

Sure, I can see the value in having it in many situations.
But not ALL situations. It should be such a basic thing to just be able to turn it off. Preferably in the preference settings as well.

I often do “brainstorming” recordings, without click track because I’m just jamming out ideas. It makes absolutely no point to have forced Event Snap Points attached to those files. It just complicates things.

I’ve seen posts as old as 2011 addressing this issue. 12 years later, I still hope this can be fixed.

So… +1 from me.

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+1 from me

It`s kinda laughable, that this is still the case. Dont have 13 yet.

I have a tiny macro to at least revert the snap point to normal a little easier:

L (brings Cursor to selected event start)
Snappoint to Cursor

Then you can at least fix is with only one keypress…
If they have the same startpoint, it also works with more than one event at a time.


I’m on Cubase 13 Pro.
When I was on Cubase 10, when I selected a event (whatever it was) and clicked cmd+L it moved the start of the event to the cursor.
But since i moved on Cubase 13 it is the container’s sync point (or snap point) that is moved to the cursor and I don’t know how to prevent this from happening; I would like cmd+L to move the start of the container to the cursor, regardless of the sync points.

I contacted the support and after more than three weeks they gave me a fairly light response:

“The Key Commands dialog allows you to view and edit key commands for the main menus and functions in Cubase.
Further details are here available
Key Commands Dialog”

after that, another support person gave me another answer:

"The keyboard shortcut command + L has not been changed.
Please install the latest version of Cubase from the Steinberg Download Assistant.
Then, initialize Cubase preferences like this:

  • Close all programs

Display the “Finder”
Choose the “Go” menu and when the drop-down menu appears, press and hold the “alt” key on your keyboard to bring up the “Library” entry in the menu.
→ Select Library

Go to the preferences folder, locate the Cubase folder(s) (if previous versions installed).
Delete or rename these folders.
NB: It is important to delete / rename all folders, the current version folder and all others, from previous versions (if other versions installed previously)."

In addition to being incomplete (it does not tell me what to do after deleting the file…), I find this solution inelegant and radical.

I tried this one:

That is to say, start Cubase in Safe mode and choose “disable program preferences”, but in fact this did not change my cmd+L problem. To tell the truth, in this mode I had access to all my keyboard shortcuts, and a lot of presets…

When I read that several people have the same problem I don’t find it very relevant to delete my cubase 13 folder in the preferences, but I would be curious to know if you have tried to do that?

FYI, my installation of Cubase 13 was done from scratch, on a brand new computer and the only “trick” I did was to drag and drop the “Logical Edit” and “Project Logical Editor ” presets from my cubase 10 to the cubase 13 folder.

Hi Louis, what are you talking about when you say “disable insert iXML chunks” please?

It is for when you import the file back and it isn’t placed at the right position.
This setting is inside the export mixdown dialog.

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