Splitting an audio event before the Snap Point put the new Snap Point at the end of the event

There is an issue where splitting an audio event before its Snap Point would make the newly created events to have their Snap Points at the end.

How to reproduce :

  • Import or record audio
  • Open the editor and move the Snap Point to the middle of the event
  • In the project window, select the Split Tool and make a cut in the part before the Snap Point
  • Open the editor and notice the newly created event having its Snap Point at the end of the event.

Expected behavior :

  • Splitting before the Snap Point should place new Snap Points at the start of the events, same as when we make a cut after the Snap Point.


By the “sync point”, do you mean the Event Snap Point, please?

I cannot reproduce this here on my side.

Do you have the latest Cubase 12.0.10 installed, please?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak ,

I indeed mean the Snap Point, sorry for the confusion, and yes, I have the latest version 12.0.10.
For instance I am on Windows, so maybe there is no issue with the Mac version.
However, this issue is directly interfering with another much bigger issue which I described on another topic, and got confirmed by another user.
I really wish you or @steve , or anyone that can directly communicate with Steinberg, could take a look at it.
There is no way this could not be fixed for the next maintenance update since those two issues completely break the workflow.

Here is the link to it : Musical Mode + Snap Point offset bug


Sorry, I still can’t reproduce it.

Have you tried on Cubase 12.0.20, please? Could you make a video screen recording, please?

Here’s a video of it. And yes, I’m on Cubase 12.0.20.
Also can you please look at the musical mode issue ?
Thank you.


Thank you for the video.

As I can see, the Snap point is at the very same position as it was before the cut, for the given Audio event. The 2nd event sets the Snap point to the beginning of the event. Both of these make perfect sense for me.

Come on, can you even read the title of this Topic ?
The issue is when the events are cut before the Snap Point.
The created event has the Snap Point at the end of the event when it should instead be placed at the start of the event.
This is shown on the video and yet your answer doesn’t even mention it, and say that everything is okay !?

Let’s say you have long drums audio event but the snap point is placed near the end.
You want to make smaller samples from the long recording, and would normally make the splits at transient points, kick, snare, etc.
With the current issue, the Snap Point is placed at the end of the created event, and when you will move those events they will snap to the grid at the wrong position !

I found a solution after testing. I hope you can solve it as well.

Thank you for your suggestion but my issue isn’t related to yours in any way, they are two different things. I have tried your “fix” but it obviously didn’t work.
Mine is about splitting an actual audio event anywhere before the Snap Point.

Maybe take it down a notch?

I don’t know how this is specified to work, or if it’s a bug or not, but here’s the simplest repro sequence possible that exhibits the result.

  1. create/import 4 bars of audio
  2. in the sample editor, move the Snap Point to bar 3
  3. in the project window, split the event at bar 2
  4. open the sample editor for this event and observe where the snap point is.

Now the snap point is at bar 2, the end of the new region, whereas the OP is suggesting it should be at bar 1, the beginning of the new region.


My apologies, I’ve lost my temper here.

I don’t know either if it’s the expected operation, but there is for sure some real issues behind this.

I have found out about this “issue” when I got some weird behavior when toggling Musical Mode when the Snap Point was dragged and released from beyond the event’s end. There is some kind of internal offset, and this issue is directly related.
By any chance, when you’re doing the repro sequence just above, can you make one or two more splits before Bar 3, then try toggling Musical Mode ? The events should drift away.

If you have a moment, I would really appreciate you to investigate it. This is a very serious issue but it still hasn’t been reported to Steinberg yet. Here is the link to it : Enabling musical mode causes events with Snap Points at the end to be moved away

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I did the repro (I would never post a repro that I didn’t test) and behaves as you say, but like I said,

Which one ?

Still not fixed in 12.0.30.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Still present with 12.0.40

Same with 12.0.50, still not fixed.

No work around yet?