Why does Dorico change my corrections in a score?

It happens time and again that I work on an orchestra score, change something in the conductor´s score, and then change it again in the parts to make it fit, or even correct the place of an item. Example: I have rehearsal marks A,B,C, etc in the conductor´s score, and then I sometimes need to correct them in the parts because they are totally out of place. I changed that 3-5 times in a project, back and forth, and Dorico messes it up, later. Really frustrating! What can be done?

I don’t think it’s possible to have Rehearsal marks unsynched between score and parts… I’d like to see (a cut-down version of) the file to try and understand what is going on!

Maybe you have “Globally” selected in the properties panel? If that’s the case, any adjustment in position in the score will transfer to parts and vice-versa. I normally set the switch to “Globaly” while writing, then switch it back to “Locally” while engraving.


Do differing (ALT/OPT) time signatures between score and parts possibly exist, which might affect system items such as Rehearsal Marks?

Thanks @MarcLarcher , I´ll send it either tonight, or tomorrow - I´m not in the studio. Right now I´m too exhausted to even go out for a walk. Just sitting at home, laying on the sofa.

That sounds like it is well possible to be the reason. OMG, why haven´t I asked earlier???!!!

No, time signatures are all the same in the score and parts. They alter like hell, but consistent throughout the format.

Well, without local time signatures, I don’t know how those rehearsal marks (shift-A popover, right? You’re not using system text or plain staff text for these?) could get unsynched…

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Shift -A popover, right. And, yes, that is precisely the question. Lucas_r_r could be right -I´ll try to switch to Local next time I sit at it.

That could change the appearance of the rehearsal mark, whatever property is changed… But not its rhythmic placement! That’s why I am curious about your file :wink:
Unless, of course, if you’ve been moving the rehearsal mark in Engrave mode with Globally enabled… Which, of course, would explain everything. But you shouldn’t need to move those in Engrave mode in the first place.

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Oh believe me, it’s one of the first things to need adjustments


Tomorrow I´m going to share it. Really too damn tired to do anything today.

I bet @lucas_r_r is right and you just set the locally/globally properties wrong.

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I see what you mean. But YMMV: I think it’s more about vertical correction than massive horizontal correction (which would lead to rhythmical change appearance). Anyway, mastering the globally/locally setting in the properties is important. You and I know it, as we’ve been working with Dorico in times where these did not exist and we had to cope with Propagate Properties. It is not the first time I see people struggling with these settings because they were not aware of it.


Yes, although i also sometimes nudge them left/right, to get some valuable space in parts.
But yes, the time before globally/locally was a time to remember (or maybe actually forget :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Already when it was implemented (D3.5 I think?) I thought these buttons seem too inconspicuous…

Marc, I am still using Propagate Properties these days - if I discover I forgot to set Properties to Global.
→ Select All-Propagate Properties
This quite often happens, if I use an older file as a template for a new project…
And luckily I had used that command so often that I will never forget my Shortkey Shift-Alt-Cmd-P

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So do I! But I admit I love those new options. They’re perfect to hide stuff from the full score but not in parts, to change the appearance of some objects in one go… etc.
I think it’s a good idea to keep it globally when in write mode (entering the music) and locally when in Engrave mode.

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I’ve had this happen with dynamics disappearing. Usually get a lot of issues when I try to condense things. In one condensed score, it wouldn’t draw a measure or two of a staff that was present in a different condensed score in the same file.

We’re always happy to troubleshoot any problems that you’re having with your projects, but you have to provide us with the project itself (or, ideally, a cut-down version that is sufficient to show the problem) in order for us to be able to help you.

Thanks @dspreadbury ! Sorry, things got a little out of hand. Here is the project, sorry for uploading the long version, but I´m really under pressure and won´t take the time to figure out how to shorten it.
Rabbit and Deer conductor´s score .dorico (3.6 MB)
By the way, I actually did work with Local Properties switched on. So, I guess the question still remains as to why Dorico would change everything after I close the file.