Why doesn't Cubase like Acustica Audio plugins?

Why doesn’t Cubase like Acustica Audio plugins when other daws like reaper seem to?

Being a little more specific might be useful… What seems to be the problem?

I don’t have problem using some of them… what do you mean?

just the fact that they appear to be so much more resource hungry in cubase than compared to something like reaper, i have quite a few but always have to render and get constant program freezes when closing projects, i am used to this and adjust workflow and expectations accordingly. tech support was pretty useless so don’t point me down that road. does anyone have any insight as to why this is the case?

Only Acustica Audio can answer your question, so you’ll need to address it to them.


Cubase doesn’t know who wrote a plugin. The VST format standard which the plugins use was developed by Steinberg but after that it’s down to the developer to follow their own procedures.

It may be that the plugins you speak of were written to take of some Reaper specific resources but that’s just a guess.

great, so nothing to do with multicore usage or anything else then?

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You’re asking questions like you think Audio Acustica developers are on this forum. I seriously doubt you’ll find them here. We’re just Cubase users like you.

I have never used Acoustica Audio plugins, but I have noticed when watching master Luca Pretolesi on Youtube using these plugins both on Studio 1 and Logic there are often pops and click when these plugins are on the screen.

I just always assumed these plugins where cpu hogs and while these plugins get a lot of love by some big names in the industry I never got tempted to test them out as also people have complained about their stability.

i’m asking cubase users with experience using acustica plugins (of which there are quite a few), not cubase users that don’t or are simply guessing. i’ve also reached out to tech support from both companies who were both unable to shed little to no light on the subject.

mac users seem to have fewer problems with acustica plugins. i use them because to my ears they are among the absolute best sounding i’ve ever heard if you want convincing emulations of classic gear, although they are not the easiest to work with in windows versions of cubase and for quite a few of us cause instability, having said that the sound is top tier so we put up with the issues and work around them.

Just testing out Acustica Vienna in Cubase 11. Cubase 11 freezes every time I either try to remove the insert from the Control room inserts, or when I close Cubase, it hangs and never closes, forcing me to force quit it.

Contact/Email Acoustica, Steinberg is the inventor of VST they set the standards… there are thousands of VST plugins without problems so if there is a problem it’s likely the plugin. And in this case it is, Acustica didn’t follow the standard Steinberg set.

There is no solution other than Acustica fixing their plugins and conforming to the standard Steinberg set (which I believe they didn’t). Currently they are blaming Steinberg, but, blaming Steinberg without posting their findings is fairly sus.


I use lots of 3rd party plugins and instruments, and this Acustica plugin is the only one that causes this behaviour, so them pointing the finger at Steinberg doesn’t really cut it.
I just wanted to add my recent experiences to this thread to confirm that the issue is still existing.
I have let Acustica know that it is crashing Cubase 11, as have others. I am not sure that they care.

yep. it’s a long standing issue and hasn’t gone away, i too can confirm sienna vst3 causes cubase to hang.

I actually wished I’d never bought the AA plugins. Nothing but trouble with steinberg I’m afraid. Best Support advice I cou get was “uninstall/reinstall”… Didn’t work, great.

i can report the acustica aquas are now fixed!
seems to have been a direct x issue.
and i’ve fallen in love with them all over again!!

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Any more info on this directx fix. Is this from the developer or something your end?

all i know is it’s a direct x fix from acustica, all aquas are done and we’re only waiting on a nebula fix that is in progress.