Why I choose Cubase over the Rest of other DAW's.

I would rather jump over a bridge before I use FL.
I also have Studio one 4.6 Pro and Cakewalk Sonar (now Bandlab).

But nothing is more revered than Cubase.

  • Any musician using Cubase is a true professional.

  • Steinberg does not dumb down Cubase to appeal to the masses

  • Cubase is the anthology of DAW

  • Cubase has a very rich history

  • I rather say I use Cubase over any other DAW.

Since I first used Cubase in 1998, there is something very special.
Finally, I believe people who use Cubase respects their work because Cubase is not a dumb simple software, you have to have persistence and endurance and willing to commit to the platform.

Why do you use Cubase?

Simply put, I just like it, “warts an’ all” since 2002 and it truly feels like an old friend. :wink:

There is a saying that goes “the root of unhapiness lies in comparision”. While this might not be completely valid, there is some truth in it.

I never really compared cubase to something else (when I started to use it, it was the mother of all DAWs - unique on the market - especially for amateurs absolutely affordable). Why? Because this leads nowhere (like with other software). There is NO perfect product and all have their pros and cons. Instead of wasting time for real comparisions I do love to work with what I have. And it works great.

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Perfectly put and there is another saying “Comparisons are odius”. The perfect DAW is the one that works for you and unfortunately due to the HiDPI problem Cubase isn’t, LOL but its still a fabulous DAW. :smiley:

The HDPI thing is unfortunatel widespread in the software industry. The absolutly unnecessary race for resolutions that do not matter for the human eye and perceiption when working on a computer has produced another area of software problems.

Having said that: It will be solved… someday. ;o)

I hope so. :slight_smile:

Quietly, I do hope with you :slight_smile:

I must confess that I am quite afraid of what is coming in this area (not only with cubase) - because it might happen that support for “normal” resolutions is sacrificed and a fortune will have to be spent for upgrades of all kinds.
We are living in times where relevance does not have any effect on progress. I compare this to the sampling frequency hype - which is beyond all natures laws. The visual resulution evolution points into the same direction: Progress without relevance, but incredible costs to keep things working.

I agree with the state of HD displays as being a total mess. I would rather just have my old displays where everything just looked okay and the right size all the time.

I think with sampling frequencies though, higher is better. It’s not just a case of what the human ear can hear. Better resolution gives more headroom for shaping the sound. Like shooting photos in RAW format. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use all of the data in the final result but its good to have it there to choose from during the creative process.

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I agree - but the sampling frequency thing in the meantime has even left the rational field - even if we include your valid argument. We are entering fields of esoterism (I call these “male esoterism”) today.

I call it the desperate flailing of capitalism at the arse end of the industrial revolution. :wink:

I have tried others but still love Cubase. I’ve been using it and upgrading from when I had it on the Atari with the little hi res screen

Using other DAW’s does not preclude you from loving Cubase LOL Regarding HiDPI I suspect newer or shall we say younger DAW’s like Studio One, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reaper also have newer code. This would explain why they have all switched to HiDPI without a problem. Now we have Cubase which has been around a long, long time and mega loaded with goodies over the years. Perhaps and I only say perhaps to resolve this issue is a mega and extremely difficult task. This would explain why it has been over a year and is still not resolved.

Begs the question does Steinberg need to produce a new DAW to replace Cubase. As its Christmas rather than keep adding more and more lights to the Christmas tree with the added risk that it is about to or is falling over, a new tree might just be the best solution. :unamused:

I love Cubase but I am now using Studio One Pro also trying to get my old head around Bitwig Studio, both of which whilst not having all the bells and whistles that Cubase has are pin sharp and work perfectly at 150% Scaling.

Oh and Happy Christmas to one and all. :slight_smile:

Reason Studios seem to be having the same problems regarding HD. Makes it hard to stump up the upgrade fee when it looks like it’s running on an N64. But Cubase just added a Multitap delay, which I just happened to be in the market for.

Ableton Live has been around for yonks. Has it’s fair share of long in the tooth design decisions, but at least it looks fresh.

The only DAWs better than Cubase are Reaper and Logic. And ProTools for audio

Been using Cubase since SX.

Prior to Cubase I was using Cakewalk but the reason I moved from Cakewalk because it was not compatible with Intel’s new hyperthreading technology. Cubase, at the time, was the only DAW that could utilize hyperthreading to enhance performance.
The other software I was considering at the time was Logic but there were talks of being bought out by CrApple (; and ending support for PC users, which ultimately happened.

I remember the dark days of Cubase through the buyout by Pinnicle. There were a lot of disgruntled people in the Cubase community and company. People were jumping ship and little innovation during that time. Then Steinberg was bought by Yamaha. Best thing to happen to Steinberg imho. Let’s not forget, Steinberg is the founder of VSTs which is now an industry standard. (:

Great point, but imho this is Cubase Pro’s best feature and can be Cubase Pro’s larget issue too. Many people, though they are impressed with what Cubase Pro can do, say that it is just too complicated and too many feature that they won’t use. I’ve told people to just start out with Cubase Elements or Artist so they aren’t overwhelmed.

I watched a YouTube video of this one “recording engineer” who uses Reaper, gave Cubase raving reviews how great it was an how he’s going to start using it but on all his next videos he’s still using Reaper. After the raving review of Cubase he actually teamed up with another recording engineer and explained why he loves Reaper. I though it was pretty funny! ((:

Bottom line is whatever DAW gets the job done well and you enjoy using it, is the right one for you. (:

That’s part of the problem of cubase pro for some, that it’s too complex, or that they think it’s doesn’t do everything they want. When the reality is it does SO much more usually.

After years of use I’m still discovering new really cool and creative features. For example I’m heavily using groove agent now when I never did before as it seemed too complicated. After spending time with the manual and YouTube videos I know it really well now and it’s indispensable and powerful. Then I found that you could team it up with what I thought were some obscure and never used midi plugins like step designer / beat designer (can’t recall the exact names), which then turns it into a whole new beast yet again.

There’s loads of hugely creative things that can be done with it. But many of them seem to be buried as its so feature rich. And each one takes an investment of time to learn. But when you do it delivers twice over.

I think there’s lots of features people don’t even realise it can do. Even though the steinberg video channel covers a lot I think there’s scope for someone to really uncover and get under the hood of cubase to really show off the power it has, but in an easily digestible and bite sized form. Then people wouldn’t be so scared of it or ignorant of its huge creative possibilities.

It’s crazy that there was a thread here called why is cubase so expensive when it’s actually cheap in a way if you were to breakdown everything it has and can do.

Cubase goes along with other DAWs and it is where you started is mostly important.
It lacks that the 10 version still needs a lot of cleaning up to do.
It has lots of windows from the old days that needs tidy up.
The addition of the Sampler Track is not worked out.

Some sequencers like Ableton, Machine or Reason, have a more live feel and approach.
But Cubase for me like i says is where i started like 20 years ago and still is a good deal of learning the software.
And that is why i never jumped to another DAW, Cubase might not be the best overall.

Familiarity, enjoyment and convenience. I know it very well and find it a lot of fun to use. I am on 9.0.2 still
and it is super stable and for that I am extremely thankful.

Oh wow where do I begin? I can’t be arsed to use anything else. Simple.

As a hobbyist.I find personally Cubase a great DAW to use :slight_smile:

There are a lot of great tools like chord assistant, to name one,a great well rounded set of stock plugins and much more,besides

Like all DAW’s each one has its quirks,bugs and features,its up to the user to chose the one that works for you

While there is a lot that may frustrate users of Cubase,its still a well recognised and very popular DAW. :smiley:

Happy Christmas everyone!