Why is Cubase 8.5. GUI so slooow for me?

So I know this has been ventilated here and there over the years, but i wonder if there is something with my setup that makes the GUI so slow?

Basically, zooming in and out, especially with the magic mouse is so slow and jerky so I want to tear the my hair off my head, almost impossible to get it right because it continues to zoom even after I´ve stopped the actually zooming, due to lag I presume.

Moving audio regions is also very slow and imprecise, greatly depending on how much of the actual region that is actually visible. Ie if half of the region is outside the arrange window, it is much snappier than if the whole region is visible within the arr window.

I´m actually contemplating moving to another platform for now because this makes the actual editing a really pain in the a**.
All other daws works perfect in this manner on my machine, or much better anyway.

My setup:

Mac Pro 2010 6 core 3.33 ghz, 24 gig memory, 512 gb samsung SSD, 2 screens running at (1)2560 X 1440 and (2) 1024 X 640

I think it is all OSX related, but I haven’t tried bootcamping so I´m not 100% on this.

Is there ANYTHING that can be done to speed up the GUI?

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i really think that Cubase 8.5 runs very fine on my Macbook Pro.

But yes, the graphics and the UI response are not really fast / good.
Especially when the projects get larger.

I also run logic on the same machine and the UI response is just perfect.
Cubase on PC ist also extremly responsive.

I think it has something with the cross platform compatibility to do.

It would be extremely nice if Steinberg could address this, if possible.

Any insights from the mods here about this would be highly appreciated.

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It’s a mac thing - the OSX version has always had terribly slow graphics.
They can’t be using any sort of platform specific or GPU acceleration, because the graphics are pretty simplistic for todays programs. Presumably its part of the cross platform code base, but it’s another bottleneck thats long been wearing thin for me.

Yes actually, it´s much smoother on my retina MBP. Lower resolution obviously.

Laggy play head with Cubase 8.5…smooth running play head and graphics with Logic X …same system…same hardware ( mac and Steinberg UR28M 28 )…same latency settings.
See my thread please

Same here. I have a very similar setup to OP and Cubase GUI is just not pleasurable to use. But Logic on the same system is butter smooth - particularly with things like changing track height and scrolling through the mixer.

It’s amazing how much of a difference a smooth GUI makes a program “feel.” When I’m using Logic it’s like driving a BMW, while working in Cubase feels like a Prius C.

I would say GUI its everything since all daw´s do pretty much the same…or not really but sort of.

Snappy GUI and my heart will belong to SB forever:)

I have the same problem with slow GUI. Disabling waveforms makes everything snappy but of course we can’t work like this. They need to sort this laggy GUI problem out. Makes you wanna try out a new daw.

Watch when my mouse hovers over the parameters in the Inspector on the left hand side. Horrible playhead lag.