Why is Cubase still so buggy and full of strange behavior?

Another day in the studio with Cubase 13 on a Mac Studio.
I keep loosing track of my focus and patience because C13 is still so har d to “love”.
I have problems with the up/down keys when selecting tracks:
Take a look here: https://youtu.be/AotyZLVVTQw
When I hit Enter - which is my KS for Key Editor, Cubase opens the editor out of focus. So instead of starting the edit at the cursor which is waht I want 99% of the time, I have to press the spacebar to get C13 to scroll to my position, Why?? Wouldn’t it be smarter to focus where the cursor is?
When I want to adjust the tempo to my hit point I often start with zooming in on the tempo. To do that I need to click the small numbers in the tempo field each at a time! No smart cueing here, it’s a computer!!! And when the time display goes from bars to time in order to “facilitate” nudging the tempo map with the time warp tool I sometimes end up a totally different place in the project.
Just before I was going to write some automation to guitar track, when I moved the fader C13 jump to another track and began to write automation there!
It has been going on for YEARS! Several people have reported these bugs and strange behaviors and nothing happens! But we can have a chord track!!!
Sorry to bother, but this is a pain …


If you don’t have an aversion toward macros I think this is achievable. I have 2 different buttons that achieve this, but give different results. (I’m using Metagrid but you can assign a KC to a macro)

  1. If you are using locators on the Project Page, one button opens the Key Editor and places the cursor to the left locator on the Key Editor page.

The other one,
2. Wherever your cursor is in the project page, it opens the Key Editor and your cursor is in the same place in the Key Editor as it was in the Project Page.

Is that what you are looking for?

If you have parts focused on different tracks in the Project Page, how should it figure out what you want to view in the Key Editor?

Ha! Yeah, Propellorheads obviously

While I agree that Cubase is a relatively buggy application you’re mentioning mainly design choices in your post? Could you please adjust the topic’s title accordingly, considering the difference between a bug and a design choice?

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I think it’s accurate & quite reasonable to put the post like this. After all, Steinberg did ask a lot of people to pay money; that’s pay money -some kind of joke? And for junk like this, for now. No doubt it will come together eventually, but seriously, this is clearly interrupting much work by many & the money they earn in often hard times.

Indeed “why is cubase still so buggy”? Is BS that anyone should have to lie down and accept this. Same goes for the Nuendo forum, and that one costs even more money. More money.

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It’s quite obvious no one should, or must accept this. Simply by not acting, you can avoid it.

I agree, and I think the subject is appropriate: it’s a buggy application and Steinberg is not prioritizing bug fixes like they ought to be, nor are they focusing on performance tuning like Ableton is.

It is really hard to love Cubase in its present form if you rely especially heavily on doing complicated things with VSTs for your sound–and now I’m finding that even relatively simple things are spiking the VST meter for no apparent reason. I can get no relief. It comes and goes seemingly at random.

Hi everyone,

Sorry you are experiencing issues with Cubase 13. Please report them separately on our forum accordingly by providing ways to reproduce them and IPS / DMP files if necessary.

For now a few years we have dedicated people working on performance. Historically this hasn’t always been the case and is quite a new development. As for Live I am not aware of any use case where Live would outperform Cubase. Could you post the benchmarks that would contradict this so that we can have a look at it?


Stability and bugs are heavily affected by user.
how the system is setup, which system, plugins, exclusive workstation for daw
you can’t deny that Mac’s are more stable for stuff like this
when you find a stable system, stay on that OS and Daw version

My last setup was with Cubase 10.5 and an older MacOs, it was rock solid, I stayed there till recently when going Apple Silicon and C13. It was unstable on MacOs 14, but as far as I know now, C13.20 and MacOs 14.2 is stable. I am going to stay there.
and I don’t have a poopies ton of plugins, only plugins that are stable with this setup.

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I agree , with the part of the question of 'why should we except it ’ .

I think now Steinberg has had 2/3 years swapping over to the new licencing system they need to be aware of how many unhappy people there are and i believe Steinberg are at a crucial point of either , suck it up and start pro9ducing hot fixes and recognising issues or , it could continually be a demise of Cubase and people being mollycoddled over to Nuendo .~

I’m personally hoping that with Us noise makers making noise , and the new involvement of Steinberg Staff in the unofficial /official forum things are turning a corner in a good way .
I personally believe that Steinberg released C13 under pressure of the Market with all the other DAW’s and all the impatient users trying to force the hand of Steinberg to release or they shift to another DAW , tricky one , but YES , C13 was certainly not ready for release .
Steinberg really does need to step up with these fixes as soon as they appear , acknowledge the issues and reinsure… We are at a cross roads in my opinion

App behaviour that surprises the developer = bug
App behaviour that only surprises the user but not the developer= strange behaviour, maybe even poor user interaction design

Those are two very different things and it improves communication on this forum if they are not getting mixed up.

A bug in the software is non-negotiable. Something is broken for sure.
Strange behaviour, however, is a point of view, something that we can all discuss at great length and possibly never reach an agreement about.

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Hi Greg

I know that I could spend some time fixing this little issue, but you know deadlines are near and I can’t spend time on other than getting the music ready.
And normally I record one track at the time.
This is how it works:
I record a track, lets say 13 bars and then stop. The cursor is now at
Then I hit Enter to open the Key Editor, which opens and shows me bar 3 - 12!
The cursor is not in view, neither the start nor the end of the part.
This is not helpful at all.
If I could make Cubase to open the editor, zoom 110% to the part and having the beginning in view, so I could check the start also - really important when its about instruments with a lot or articulations then it would be nice. I can do it manually, but it takes keystrokes/mouse clicks all the time.
In C13 editing several parts at the same time has been improved, and I use it all the time. Color coding ex. 1. vlns 2. vlns and violas and so on with different colors can certainly speed-up your string-arranging. Would be nice to be able to switch the colors in the Key Editor from Grid Match to Part with a KS or from Metagrid, but no that’s not possible. So near to a “perfect” solution and then again not quite there.


I did post about the issue with the up and down arrow keys not working as expected and also about the “jump to last recorded track error” when I try to record a new track and touch the mod-wheel before I press record.
Link here: Dropbox - Cubase jum to previous track on record.mp4 - Simplify your life

As mentioned here earlier these bugs have been discussed here and other places for years. I mean for years, from the time when I switched from Logic to Cubase 7!
So honestly I think my obligation to communicate with Steinberg about these things has expired. Here is the video I recorded: https://youtu.be/AotyZLVVTQw?si=MSgKBvzH3gymrpsf

Regards Musicmind

Hi @Musicmind I am aware of this. My post was addressed to everyone mentioning problems with Cubase in this thread. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Okay I misunderstood you!

I just finished composing music for a 1 hour documentary yesterday. The editor wanted the music lined up in Logic, so I needed to mix the audio again. I use Artist Mix and wauw how much better that is working with Logic! The whole mix was a breeze. You know I selected a track and moved the fader, and no jumping around between tracks. And pushing “A” will hide all the automation, making much easier to spot the next audio. I will test Logic again, although I know that the MIDI editor isn’t so good as in Cubase, but I’m tired of clicking around all the time.
Maybe you know what I mean?

Just create a macro which does:

  • Open/Close Editor
  • Zoom - Zoom to Event

Assign it a key command and you are done.
There are use cases where the people hate if the zoom changes when opening another part or audio clip. So there’s no way to make everyone happy with the default behaviour. Luckily Cubase can be customized in many ways.


Armand, that’s helpful information to know. I’m glad you have a dedicated team set up for performance optimization. But it seems they have a way to go, if I’m being honest.

I don’t really have the time or inclination to test Ableton against Cubase right now, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here.

Regardless, my point stands: I would really love it if you would work with your partners in the industry such as Microsoft, Intel, and NVIDIA to squash these latency-causing issues such as what’s referenced in this thread: Fix for high DPC latency - wdf01000, ntoskrnl, storport and more : techsupport

As for the crashes, I’ve been dutifully submitting every crash dump it offers to send you all and I’ve sent several to you directly. I hope that’s enough.

But yeah, please, please make getting this CPU spiking thing under control your top priority. My system is quite modern and quite mainstream. I find it insane that NVIDIA’s top-of-the-line video card, for example, may be contributing to performance issues, but I’ve seen enough evidence of the same. This is the world we live in.

So I’m asking Steinberg to please take the initiative here and find some kind of effective way of yelling at them on our behalf. If that way dings them financially, so much the better: maybe they’ll pay attention. Doubtful, considering how many businesses are buying DGX clusters now, but hey, one can dream.

Just, please, make the spiking stop. It’s driving me mad as I’m trying to get work done. I think I have it solved, I’m all happy for twenty minutes or so, and then it randomly bottoms out again for absolutely no apparent reason as the VST meter’s average is well on the low side.

Thanks for listening.

Plus the audio dropouts every time you load a vst or new sound absolutely destroys immersion

I use Ableton and cubase together.
Ableton has no dropouts when loading sound or VST.
Mediabay lines up correctly every time.
Ableton updates in the background.
Also when they update they don’t break the program for months.
In fact I updated a few days ago. It actually got better…after the last 6 months in cubase I forgot that updates made things better.

Granted there’s things Cubase excels at far more. Overall I prefer working in Cubase. But atm cubase is forcing me not to work in it and it sucks. Because I honestly don’t really enjoy the layout of live. .But it’s a small tradeoff when you can hear everything all the time even when god forbid you load up a vst. Not to mention modulation…

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I very much agree that immersion is incredibly important and that it’s very hard to get in the Zone and stay there without it.

And the rest of your post mirrors my general experience between the two DAWs.

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