Why is Cubase still so buggy and full of strange behavior?

Honestly if they could just stop the sound cutting out every time you load an instrument that would handle about 70% of my immersion issue. That’s how big something so simple can be.

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I’ve been changing presets in VPS Avenger 2 and it will randomly overload the VST meter and cause a pop. The chances of it happening seem to be about 1 in 7. Super annoying. I’m so sick of having to reset that meter. Even having an option to set a timeout for the overload dot would be nice. But solving the underlying issues that cause it would be way, way nicer.

Clearly, Avenger is trying to load samples. But it’s trying to load them from a 4TB PCIe gen 4 M.2 SSD. This should not be an issue in 2024. It just shouldn’t! The whole industry needs to slow the eff down and refocus on getting the basics right. They’d have way, way more happy customers and could carefully iterate from that baseline. One can dream.

Oh yeah. I completely forgot that if I run it under 1024 samples I’ll get these dreaded spike. Yet I can run Ableton at like 64 samples without problem.

Your right. Everyone else seems to have at least got their mediabay right.
Why is it that the only one I truly love can’t.
I’ve had to go back to Ableton for the last couple days so I could actually do some work instead of finding bugs for free.
And as much as I hated going back overall.
The sheer modulation Is something I have missed far more than I thought.
It opens up doors.
Even if Cubase allowed Ableton Link like every other daw…including reason which is laughable. It would make life a lot easier.
This is what S1 and Bitwig have got right. They’ve walked down the aisle. Got married. Bitwig can do what s1 can’t and vice versa.
I believe Cubase should try to tightly integrate itself with Ableton if it can’t bring its modulation to the same level it would be a powerhouse workflow.
This can’t be the endgame. There’s got to be something they’re not telling us about. Maybe Cubase 14 is going to reinvent the wheel and everything’s buggy cause they are actually working on reinventing the wheel.
A la cakewalk??? who knows.
One can hopeee…

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Hi @DrWashington

I have forwarded your point to the relevant persons.

@Ontrei it would be very helpful if you could send me a CPR and a Live project via we transfer that are quasi identical but where one performs significantly slower on Cubase. we would be then able to see where the problem lies.


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More than happy to do that for you @Armand ! Anything to make cubase the best it can be. I’ll just need a day to set up the corresponding projects and I’ll PM you with a dropbox link :slight_smile:

I thought C13 would have a seamless audio engine, Steinberg did talk about it before C13, well well, maybe C14

Awesome thank you. If possible a we transfer link instead. Dropbox usually requires staff to log in and register to dropbox prior to being able to download the link afaik.

That quote referred to another DAW, suggesting Cubase is broken for months with updates.

In general this seems to ring consistently true. I don’t understand why that hasn’t been fixed over the years.

No it’s wrong it doesn’t work the way you describe.
Zoom to Selection will only work if something is selected and when you open the editor nothing is selected!
You have to select one or more MIDI event(s) - Command+A. So in total:
E to open the editor
Command+A to select all events in the part
Shift+Z (my command for Zoom to Selection)
AND then Shift+Command+A to deselect all events. :wink:

Believe me I have created all the macro you can suggest, but when I thought all the time spending on programming macros, setting up Metagrid working with Project Logical Editor, was supposed to be a “set and forget” thing - and I will eventually forget - it’s a constant challenge to fix all the small things that shows up.

Let me give you an example - you might even have a solution!

In C13 we have the all new Channel Tab to the left of the Inspector. That broke my Metagrid set-up because as long as there are no key command to select the visibility/Inspector pane I have created a Keyboard Maestro Macro to move the mouse up to “Visibility”/“Inspector” text and click. This macro also select the track below the present track and goes back again to force the visibility tab to link to the selected channel. By default the visibility pane dosn’t sync with your selected track in the project!
After the new channel this macro needs repairing because the mouse coordinates in the macro no longer match the text “Visibility”/“Inspector” text!
Working with a 900 track template will demand some clicking I admit, but the way Cubase is designed could be improved, right?
I mean wouldn’t it be nice to have a preference for sync between the visibility pane and the track selected in your project, I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who would like that?

But did you try this? (Assuming you have Auto-scroll active)


(Open Editor
Auto-Scroll On/Off
Auto-Scroll On/Off)

If I record on an empty MIDI Track a new part is created. After stopping the recording this newly created part is selected if I now open the editor via key command and directly afterwards the “zoom to selection” key command, I see the complete range of what I just recorded. If this does not work the same on your end then it must be a preference that makes the difference. But I cannot think of one at the moment that could change this behaviour.

Maybe, write this down as a feature request and this may come in a future release.

Cubase already has advanced features to work with hundreds of tracks more easier than found in other DAWs. Maybe if you write down what you finally want to achieve with the sync of the selection, the solution could be different and available already.

Yes I know that, press F twice, but sorry, you don’t seem to get my point here. It’s not a battle about who is most proficient in programming Cubase. I think I know the major part of them, as you might do. It’s about making an environment that doesn’t get in my way during composing.
An ex.: You just recorded an 8 bar midi-part with a violin patch from VSL Duality Strings. You hit E and the Key Editor opens. The zoom level is set to a focus where you can’t see all 8 bars and you can’t see the cursor. Now you can hit G (isn’t that default for zoom out?) 2-3 times until you get the full midi part into focus and maybe also the cursor.
I would imagine that 90% of Cubase users, that record a midi part and then hit the E to edit it, will want to se the part they have just recorded. Do you think I’m wrong in that assumption? Wouldn’t they maybe also love to have the zoom level been set so they could see just a tiny bit of the bar BEFORE the recording bar, maybe like this:

And wouldn’t they love to have that as a preference, that they could turn on, instead of programming a macro or tap a key several time?

@Musicmind I’m just offering a workaround. The fact is there’s an incredibly wide variety of workflows, and enormous customization options.

Why not make an FR instead of just complaining? Framing this need on its own in a FR topic instead would allow others to weigh in in a focused and peaceful way.

I have made several feature requests over time, never heard anything back.
But of course you’r right I should do that. I’m just getting REALLY tired of all the workarounds I have to use in my daily work.
I mean the track selecting bug - where Cubase simply loose track when you use up/down arrows in a big template has been there for years. I posted a video of it some days ago.
I could go on!

I don’t need work arounds I need them to fix it!

Still, posting various complaints in a topic called “Why is Cubase still so buggy …” generates an unfocused conversation which is not useful in any productive way. You should simply post replies to the topics you already made, which will bump them to the top.

At this point there are several different issues that were discussed here, none of which are indicated by the title.

I will close this topic now. Please post the issues you have separately, in a way that describes step by step what you want to do, and what actually happens.

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