Why is score editor so horrible?

Ive been working with cubase for over 10 years. I have never used the score editor and have never needed to until recently. When i converted my midi notes to music notation in the score editor (With quantize), i was shocked. It looks like a masterpiece, but nothing related to music. How is it that we are in 2022, with Cubase 12 pro, and the score editor is still so horrible?

On the contrary, I think it’s great, as do many others.

Probably, if you can actually specify what problems you experience you will get some help.

Quite possibly your experience can be improved by reading the first couple of chapters of the Score manual Score Layout and Printing


Perhaps a Jackson Pollock then…?

Dots and dashes everywhere, in tangled like a marriage between ants. I feel scared to even learn how to fix it, its so beautiful…

Yeah… If only there was a tutorial for the latest version of the editor, as the terms and titles of the tools in it are completely foreign to me, and something about watching a YouTube video tutorial from 3 years ago makes me feel nostalgic when the days before COVID people had the time to make tutorials calmly without the trauma of a global pandemic.