Why load vst preset takes so long?


I’m curious about why does it take so long to load presets in my system.
I’m opening VST multi panner, clic on the load preset box on the top and have to wait 3sec for results to be visible. It happens with any vst plugin I use (third party or steinberg) . Then if i load a preset next time I clic that box again it’s faster 1sec (still). But can be 3sec again in other plugin.
I don’t understand why these results take so long to be filtered and displayed.
But if I used the embeded preset load/save solutions of plugins say the liquidsonic cinematic room i’m looking at now, the load menu appears instantly where the steinberg load box is 2secish (in this case) :stuck_out_tongue:
Also medibay is way faster for more results right ?
When you use this function alot in the end it’s frustrating and takes time. Do you have the same ? Anything I’m doing wrong ?

All I can think of is if your drive where the presets are stored, is very fragmented, and / or its file permissions are not right.

Hi, I’m gonna share this one here again:

I had something similar with the long preset loading times as a side effect. Solved it back then, maybe this is where to look for you, too.


Thanks for your messages.

I didn’t know fragmented was still a thing with modern drives ?
About the permissions, would that concern the files in Roaming folder (W10 )? I try to make them read/write but the read only option always comes back with a black square (meaning some files remain read only I guess.
I realise also I still have in C: Steinberg the old nuendo 11 folder with some VST fx i didn’t move to the new nuendo 12 folder… don’t know if that could be a thing.

thanks… networkdrives are drives connectd through ethernet with some local server right ? I don’t have this. Just usb drives for backups. I’ll try to deconnect those And give it a go.


I recall that this was a problem in my Nuendo days. It has been a problem for quite a while. I think it might be caused by the database Steinberg have decided to use. If this is the case then there is really nothing you can do as an end user. For sound effects you can use sound miner (or any other 3rd party app) but for presets there is no solution afaik.
Then again, maybe if the database is a lot smaller (becuase you use an external program for sfx searches) maybe this could bring down search times to acceptable delays.

i don’t use anything special for my presets. But then… where the hell are they stored really it’s allways a mess with nuendo i find. Just like the prefs. Why not have a locate pref , reveal in browser button ! that would save so much time and avoid to loose data.
Anyway for my problem I tried to allow permission to folder roaming, remove external drives but it’s the same.

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This would definitely be a nice feature! It would be even better if we could export/import preferences directly from the application.

but this part you can do no? go to preference and you have a save load box menu there.
The problem is to know where the hell those pref are without going to
this one for presets :

this one for preferences :

You also have the what’s it called “profile” ? that should(?) export all prefs ? but just adding a level of confusion to me.