Why SO negative?

Now, I’m not one to avoid criticism at all. I believe when Cubase 9 came out, I had a lot of criticism myself. I’m pretty sure I was disappointed in a lot of stuff.

But I feel like with 9.5 they fixed most of the things I was disappointed in… and now, with version 10, I feel like they made some HUGE additions that are freakin’ crazy amazing, and I’m sure it took them a lot of serious time and work.

And there are a few small things I kinda (slightly) dislike. I don’t like how now when I add an audio track, I have to hit enter twice instead of once. Also, I feel like they made some of the cursor icons a little too big now. But it’s such a small issue that it’s not really worth mentioning. It just takes a little getting used to. I’m sure that those changes and a lot of other changes people are complaining about are probably due to Steinberg preparing to make everything more tablet friendly and stuff like that.

I expected to read a lot more positive threads here in the general forum for Cubase 10, but it seems most of the threads are negative. And it feels like most of the negative posts are nit-picking small things while at the same time ignoring all the huge advances Cubase is making. I’m just curious whether this might be due to a phenomena that people are more likely to review somethhing when they have a negative experience, or if perhaps the changes that I’m excited about only affect me a smaller portion of the community than I originally thought it would affect.

So basically, I can understand being critical, but it just seems like too much. And hardly anyone is expressing anything positive. I mean, this is one of the most feature packed updates I’ve experienced (I’ve had it since version 5). Instead of just negativity, you could say “I like this, but you could you change this?” or… “i liked that better, but good job with this”… I think it’s equally important to let Steinberg know about the things you DO like as the things you don’t like…


Agreed. I’ve been critical of the bugs and workflow shortcomings in the past but I think Cubase 10 is an excellent release!

Perfectly put +++++++++ and I am not a fan boy and yes there are certain glitches but all in all 10 is nothing short of outstanding.

Well I think there is an history to take account of. People are fed up.

I know, personally I am a lot more irritable in front of cubase now than when I was when I first started working with it. Nowadays they’re probably among the 3 software publishers I am the most weary about, and cautious of.

The only thing that makes me stay in it, is the fact that I’ve spent so much time and money learning it, I don’t want to feel like that’s going to waste.

The main reason I update it is that I always feel it could be improved, big time; and it does…

But there has been so many broken features, glitches, appearing on and off with new versions. You say that 9.5 has been good. It’s been amazing, except two of its .xx updates have been nightmares for a lot of people.

Lots and lots of weird debatable decisions too. It sometimes feel like they’re taking off features everybody like just to reintroduce them 2 versions later as an improvement (and charge you again for it)

Steinberg support… Takes them weeks to get you your answers, and in the past they haven’t always been able to answer. Some old issues are still left unanswered all over this forum.

Poor beta testing (prove me the contrary), and honestly I’m starting to think that all of this is intentional.

And all this leaves me thinking, as a customer, I am being thought of as an idiot. And maybe I am because I keep coming back for it.

We pay the premium price for this! Everything has got to be perfect or damn near it! Seriously! Any other approach is self-content!

How would people react if nintendo put out buggy glitchy games that need 6 hotfixes before they run OK?

Regarding THIS release in particular.

I bought cubase 10. Before I bought it I wrote to steinberg two times to become a beta tester. Both requests were left unanswered.

I asked some questions here regarding questions I had regarding the features that attracted me to 10. The questions weren’t answered.

So I got impatient, bought the god damn software and installed it. I sometimes teach cubase so I got to know what’s happening


-Snappier. I’m impressed. But I need to say, a 700$ software SHOULD be smooth and snappy on a 3000$ computer… It’s the least to expect. it’s something I take for granted I’m getting that I WASN’T getting between versions 7 and 9.5 compared to some other DAWS. So it still leaves me kind of bitter, and believing it could still be better)

-Side chain enhancement (but LONG overdue as well… people have been asking for that for as long as I can remember)

-I love the new channel strip layout

-New distortion plugin is nice

-Varioaudio (don’t use it much but I can appreciate the difference)

-Opened most old project without too much drama (a couple of effects settings were all over the place, some automation erased, etc)

-I do like the overall look (but I consider this an extra and wouldn’t pay for it. It’s too superficial, and therefore, always debatable. Honestly I preferred the overall look of 9.5, but only slightly)


-Audio alignment (the main feature that made me bought this) is a SCAM . Works a fraction of the time, the back vocals have to be phrased exactly the same way or it won’t catch . And try this : duplicate any audio track. Move one’s timing a bit and try aligning them. It won’t do it. Seriously…

-Colors… Com’on already. Or are the dev just that stubborn…

-Right click menu… Luckily I an as used to the other ways to use functions but god damn… Was that really necessary? Can’t wait to pay 150 CAD to bring that back in a year!

-I got 2 shut downs (program just disappears! Wow!) in my first 10 minutes trying to sort out my VST plugin collection, other weird behavior during initial setup. Interesting way to make me trust in the product!

-two dozen cubase10 .dll plugins were blacklisted and can’t be activated. This one just leaves me baffled :laughing:

Conclusion, I will start all my new projects in cubase 10 for now.

I think once it’s stabilized it will be a great software.

I am enjoying some of the differences, most notably the performance enhancement.

At the same time I feel like I have been ripped off as some of the exciting features for me end up being more trouble than anything. Then the some just aren’t available at this time, yet I still paid for them. Can’t feel that excited to say that out loud, can I?

I’ve had more of a chance to test this and it works most of the time BUT not all the time. I’d say between 10-20% of the time it doesn’t work for me, but that all depends on how much shifting it needs I think. However, now that there is an audio overlay in the audio editor, you can very easily adjust timing of audio tracks manually. This is very, very, very useful. I’ve constantly been waiting for audio warping directly on the timeline, but this is actually more useful because the audio is stacked on top of each other so you can really make sure everything is aligned very fast. Of course, there is a good chance that as time progresses, they will slowly improve this feature. It’s amazing that it exists at all though. I don’t think any other DAW has this. Revoice is the only other software I know that does this and it’s not even close to a full functioning DAW. And also, Cubase’s track align is better in some ways. For instance, if you wanted to align a track in Revoice, they would essentially have to match completely otherwise it would freak out. So, if you were aligning vocals for instance… and there was an extra word in one of the tracks, it wouldn’t really do anything or it would give you horrible results. But with Cubase’s version, you can actually align a track that only shares a portion of the audio as the reference. It’s pretty amazing, and once they perfect the algorithm more, it will be perfect!

I don’t understand this complaint, even though I seem to see it a lot. Didn’t they allow you to append any number of new colors now, and you can select any color? Can you explain this complaint more for me?

Yeah, I use key commands all the time so this doesn’t affect me much I have to admit. I didn’t even realize it existed. When I right clicked I thought it just brought up the tool menu, but then I realized people are talking about alt+right click or cntrl+right click. Looks like they’ve made it contextual now which I think is cool. But since I never used this feature I can’t really speak on it much. Although, now that it’s contextual, I might look into using it more lol

I’ve only got 1 shut down so far… but I’m pretty sure I was asking for it because I think I did something that was a little crazy and I could understand why it would shut down. It didn’t just randomly close out of nowhere.

hmmm… I don’t believe I have this issue…

Also, one weird thing that happened to me was… when I first installed version 10, it seemed to have permanently deleted all the files on the desktop… These files were kinda important, but they weren’t anything crucial. If they were, I’d probably be really pissed lol. But I haven’t seen anyone else have that issue so far, and even after that, I think all the new features and improvements make it more than worth it. Just my opinion though.

I’m with you on this. I read some of the unnecessarily negative comments and wonder how the people at Steinberg who have put in time, effort and love to produce this, must feel seeing their work bad mouthed. Yes we all see the odd bug, and when there are important ones (as with 9.5.40) Steinberg are usually pretty quick to get the repair done. By all means make suggestions and report bugs, but don’t forget we have an amazing and yet affordable recording /music production facility on our screens. I started out long ago on 4 track tape when recording studio equipment cost the proverbial arm and a leg. What DAWs offer us nowadays is simply incredible. Cubase has always remained up there with the best.
New things like vocal align have saved me time already. It’s not perfect and does not always work as it should but I don’t think you can call it a scam. I’m sure it’s going to get better with future updates. Overall I’m well happy with Cubase 10.

Well put. My sentiments exactly.

But see guys, that’s the thing.

The question is Why SO negative?

The disproportion in frustration, is one part psychology (yes, in general we complain more than we are grateful, and yes , that’s a shame. But looking at humanity right not, we ARE a shame)

and the second part steinberg brought on themselves.

If they rushed things less, we wouldn’t be here arguing about this.

I know it’s apple and oranges; but WHY is it that nintendo software almost never bug? Why is it that I paid 60 us for reaper, and it never crashed on me? That all of the updates have been so easy to install? (to be fair I prefer cubase but obviously not for this reason)

Because they take the time it needs instead of thinking in term of economical quarters.When a software publisher is prudent, it leaves us feeling the illusion that we are the purpose of the development, not the means. And that makes us feel good.

But here, we got used to accumulate frustration. My two cents. Don’t get me wrong I still love cubase, it’s just more of a love/hate relationship than what I’d like

And about the developers sentiments… Well at least they aren’t working on a total flop that’s forgotten in the week after it’s released, like 90% video games, apps, etc.) . They sure get more **** than they deserve though.

But in this case it’s not the devs we’re mad about, it’s the company. I know I am not blaming the waiters and cooks for decisions their bosses have made.

And that brings me to the issue with steinberg. It often feels like their approach is : so what this isn’t working 100% as advertised,we’re at date of release and people are still going to buy this!

Please guys…

To the complainers; stay polite, stay constructive, or don’t buy next time.

To the sold fans : don’t forget that you are OWED great stable and innovative software for the price you put in. And it’s NOT normal to have a product that’s unstable for the two thirds of its publishing cycle.

What I want to thank at steinberg is the people who are trying their best to make this the best product it can be. Hard to argue with that hahaha

Where my time machine steinberg!!! :imp: where is it! WTF, why is it taking you so long. Pointless stupid worthless update if I can’t time travel.

Wait… are you talking about Nintendo? Like the japanese company that does mario and stuff? Or are you talking about Nuendo, the other DAW made by Steinberg???

Yeah, hard to argue with that. And look, I agree with you on most everything. And the last thing I’d like is to see the forum be purely positive and butt kissing. But I just thought there should be more of a balance, and I just wanted to let Steinberg know that I do really appreciate the work they’ve put in.



I know it’s not the same at all, they have their own OS and hardware too so there’s a lot less variables. But their software is the best example of soft that works 100% as advertised on the day of release.

In my experience reaper does that too (I do prefer cubase, otherwise I would’ve left it completely already)

Regarding Auto-Align

It literally has cost me time to try and use it and get it to work, versus processing myself using the ugly cut+zoom+move method that this is supposed to replace. It does make me feel bitter that it’s offered now, when it’s working like an early beta stage feature. Just make it work like it should BEFORE you sell it!

And for your question about colors : People are asking for a possibility to customize colors more thoroughly. Maybe not all elements but most of them. But a basic theme with 5 sub options in the same palate is not minimalist, it’s insufficient.

People are so negative cus we paid for a software that keeps crashing. If they want to release betasoftware they should say so and people could choose if they want to get it or not.
Now many people paid for something that dosent work and thats not acceptable.

After every release there are a lot of dissapointed people. And after every release there is at least one threat like this. :laughing: With almost the same arguments.

Do you consider there are a lot of people with different needs? Most Electronic Music Producers doesn’t use Vari Audio 3 and the Aligment tool. But Bezier curves for MIDI or more sends wich is a little thing to add aren’t here. Just an example.

If you are happy, good for you. In my opinion cubase 10 is ok but nothing more. Because I want some other features than you.

You’ve been living with your wife for 10 years asking for Friday sex, she was ignoring you for 9 years, but today finally she says “OK”. You say “thank you thank you thank you!” And then she says “But! only every second and forth Friday of the every second month” You think “better than nothing”… and at the end she says “And forget about cake on Sunday”. And you spend another year begging for cake back.

This is how it goes.

Are you talking about instrumental electronic music producers? Because a good portion of electronic and dance music has vocals and that’s pretty well exactly who would use VariAudio.