why so quiet!

It is a good thing Cubase is quiet. The singing parts (myself in vocals) in my project are way too loud. Doesn’t matter if I turn the master volume down. Only when totally muted, I’m satisfied with what I hear.

well, maybe people who feel Cubase is quiet, moved to (or selected) Logic or PT and others already…
(came from Logic who does’t feel, then doesn’t feel either.)

hence this thread looks a bit confirmation bias whatever you call it…
and sorry, I’m not studying psychology nor researching for a scientific data at shool. nor attending to any churches and such.
but I’m making music. came to talk about your tool at a developer’s website’s forum.
if you don’t think anything different, you go on that way. I am just a stupid person. everyone’s happy.
you don’t have to deny nor patronise others.

@Jeff Hayat like I said, I was expecting to all the “check ya fader, check ya panlaw, cheeck ya monitors etc.” responses.

I said “I feel it in esp. in mid/lo” also said “I am deaf enough to feel that”
and @Asgardao, I never said Cubase sounds bad.
or, the other repliers’ way of saying, check the setting of your mic, preamp, I/O…

and, lastly, for everyone doesn’t feel anything. (recommend 1080p and not too loud)
if don’t feel anything, that’s your opinion.

good discussion.


All sounded exactly the same to me!

The only statement you have made that actually makes sense.


This is a joke right?

Being 50 years old this year, I find myself walking into these “in joke” internet forum threads, offering all sorts of sensible advice only to be realise I’m making an *ss of myself coz I didn’t get the “joke” and thought the thread was actually a serious subject.

So this IS a joke right … please tell me it’s a wind up.

It’s a wind up and a joke. The OP is playing the part of uninformed Mac Logic user who ironically doesn’t use logic, and the thread participants are carrying the joke along to prod responses from those who haven’t yet caught onto the ruse.

Now that you’ve uncovered it, it’s not fun anymore.

Everyone can go home now.

This is why I kept my Atari Falcon 030 running Cubase Audio 2.06.
It’s definitely louder than anything I know - somewhere around 11.1 I would say - even on headphones.

Apparently the older Motorola DSP chips were much louder than current Intel chips so that explains it!

Just my tuppence.

Wow. More than 11? Man, the past was better than the present!

@Plasuma, I still use Logic.

Oh ya, the past was out’a’sight. Don’t know 'bout them Motorola DSP chip, but the Lays we used to have were laced with somethin-or-other, and everything was Loud and Beautiful … :sunglasses:

Steiny bring back the past! We are sick of the future!

Many PreSonus products go up to 12, like my headphone amplifier! And in the manual, there’s even a warning about it “the volume goes to 12, be careful!” :slight_smile:

I love Spinal Tap.

What about a DAW emulator plug-in for DAWs?

So - a plug-in for Cubase that can emulate the ‘sound’ of Logic or PT or FL Studio or Cubase 6 (not 6.5 that was the quietest release yet)?

Or maybe a Vintage DAW collection - emulates Logic 7.2…now that was a loud DAW!

Yeah, and how about a VST plugin that simply emulates logic? :laughing:

The last PC-version of Logic (5.5 if I remember) was the loudest. I destroyed a pair of Genelecs with it in 2005. Trebles exploded both the same time. Next morning I rang to Genelec and they suspected I had listened to some test record, no it was only my project.

Yup - that’s why it was banned on the PC - it was just way too loud.

They wouldn’t allow it. Some kind of illegal sound engine or something.
It was sold to Apple and they hushed the whole thing up. Crazy!

Note: Logic 10 will be quieter so that it conforms with EBU R128.

Lots of good info here! It should be sticky! Lets vote!

I’ve been thinking about if there is a rewire between Cubase/Logic. you(PC users) can do with FL right??
or VST ver. of Logic’s plugins(like before but universal) (just wanted to use ultrabeat & guitar fx plugins whilst using Cubase…)

ok, some jokes are funny,
but some one(Scab Pickens) quated me saying “I am a stupid person”
and he/she said it makes sense. this is just a personal insult.

if you can’t resist making jokes, please make a nice joke within the sense and within the topic.
along with your proper reply.

if you have a proper opinion, please do post about that.

you just don’t agree (but without a proper opinion) with the topic, just ignore and leave it like other posts.
if you can’t judge this thread is whether joke or not, also please ignore and leave it.
if you think its a joke, also please leave it. you don’t have to reply for a joke thread.


Great idea, and once everyone buys it they can drop the PC version :open_mouth:

Ha! I meant logic, not Logic!