Why The Long Wait - CD Import

Whilst doing an import from audio cd you can audition the cd tracks instantly, but on import you always get the ‘waiting’ message. It takes ages to start the actual import… Drives me nuts… Is there something happening that I don’t know about?

Little trolls in the DAW listen to the CD playing in 8xrealtime and then rewrite the arrangements completely with Nuendos internal hidden song reconstruction module before recording it directly into the pool. It sure takes some minutes per CD, but I would not call that slow…

The real answer is: Yes, same here. I gave up using Nuendo for that and use dB power amp for all audio related tasks instead. It’s extremely fast, can do virtually all conversions, has an intelligent multi cpu algorithm and it easy to use.

Thanks for the info Matthias…

Agreed. There are some aspects of C5 N5 that haven’t been updated in some time and this is one of them. It’s straight out of the 80’s. Ugh.

What makes this even more frustrating is that prior to N4, this wasn’t the case. CD import was faster in the old days. Doesn’t make sense.

Incredibly slow. But sadly I am incredibly happy. For me CD import has never worked in N4 or C4. Now in N5 at least it does (same computer). They must have changed something from N4 to N5 to make it work.
Why don’t they fix it and make it “normal”? It seems to me a very basic function for a program like Nuendo.
Not a big problem though. Just don’t to use this function in the presence of a client to avoid embarrassment.