Wiil cubase 12 be fixed or is this the end?

I understand the change and normally i don’t jump on the first releases because of minor issues but C10 and 11 were so smooth from the beginning it was worth the punt , i hope your right but my comp is now not supported on C12 so i fear the worse . Ive asked 5 times now for a recommended i9 motherboard and Cpu , just like i did back in 2013 when i built this to Steinberg spec but it’s fallen on death ears this time . I trust Steinberg build recommendations , i mean why wouldn’t as the last one has lasted 9 years and still going strong

Which will then be a fraud, 'cos x.5 versions are not free and a buggy application MUST be fixed with no extra costs for the customer. Since decades I made every update but with with Cubase 11 Pro, left behind with broken promises (MIDI API as to mention one) and too many bugs and glitches and unfinished areas, and Cubase 12 not being a great launch at all, I stopped. IF there will be a 12.5 rest assured it will come with new features and new bugs. Steinberg would be well-advised to finish v12 to a rock-steady version to gain back confidence in their application.

Sorry @Biochip. It’s not fraud. Fraud requires intent on the part of the seller. Steinberg has shown they want to fix the problems, and they’ve released 2 updates since the release date April 13, just one month ago, so far, with more to come. So to me, their intent is clear.

If you actually feel that way, you should pursue your legal remedies, whatever they may be, based on your location or whatever other criteria might be involved.

Steve, will it become an emotional reply? Seeing you writing a reply for minutes :wink:

Never mind, “live isn’t such a serious thing until it ends…”*

*unknown source

Read and try to understand my reply. I was actually replying to the statement that supposingly only v12.5 will fix the severe issues v12 has at the moment (for some but not only a few). So, if Steinberg would really say, here is v12.5 for xx bucks which will address all the issues v12 had, than it is a fraud imho. I hope they won’t though.
And additionally, a next update in June is then probably the last but one for the x.0 version if SB continues the x.5 release strategy once more.

I had the same exact build as you – i7-3770k, in a Gigabyte motherboard. It was amazingly long-lived.

Way before C12 came out – when MS announced the deprecation of various CPUs in Windows 11, I replaced the MB, CPU and Ram with my current setup, i7-11700k, 64gb ram. It’s very smooth for Cubase – for the stuff I do.

If the devs haven’t posted recommended setups it might be because they cannot yet tell which work best, since the variables are rather enormous.

They didn’t release an 11.5, maybe they dropped that habit. (I do not actually know)

As a DAW user since 1992, and beta tester for many developers for more then 8 years, many problems i see are:

  1. system related (hardware, os, virus, drivers, etc)
  2. user related
    just few and small problems are really DAW or plugin developer related.
    Specially this C12 release, it was one of the most solid release ever.
    Hope everyone experiencing problems find the solution soon, whatever the problem is.

Thanks Steve , just doing my research and the 11700 seems a VERY capable processor
CPU-Z Benchmark - CPU-Z VALIDATOR (x86.fr)

Looks like – It was a good compromise- I was looking at the i9-10900k, since reports were that it was extremely good, but the advantage was small to none against the i7-11700k. The best thing was that I could use all my old storage, PSU and case – even the cooler I installed on the 3770k would have fit, but I didn’t bother. My cost was under $700 for the upgrade. Then I sold the 3770 and MB on ebay for I forget, 100usd or something?

Cubase 12 is quite happy here.


Thanks for the heads up :+1:

Im not going to lie , ive been trying to get to the bottom of this 12 mess and i think i’ve made a break through and it MIGHT be my fault . It stead of making a project from scratch in C12 i’ve opened the last project i was working on in C11 which was stable in C12.0 but isn’t in C12 .0.20 , the spikes always seem to happen in the same place so instead of opening the project i imported the some of the audio tracks into an empty project and guess what , not spiking , the Asio sits absolutely still , it’s not the full project , still testing but the ASio sits on nearly enough nothing , just below the first notch , this is great news and i’ll hold my hands up if this stays as it is . :grin: :+1:

But yes im due for an update of the tower so maybe it’s time

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I had a project consistently crash 11 when it came out, coming from 10.5. I had to recreate it by importing tracks to a new blank project. It came down to a transpose track that wasn’t even used in the project, I had just set it up to try out different keys for the voices. I don’t know what the whole deal was, but every new project in 11 worked without a hitch.

I haven’t had anything similar in 12 - yet -, but I suppose it’s a good idea to keep a fairly complex project in its own version when a newer version comes out. Or, and that’s the lesson I learned, to be somewhat “aware” and “suspicious” of this behaviour, and know to go into troubleshooting mode when this happens.

Hope 12 starts behaving for you! :+1:t3:

I can’t find the reference now but I’m pretty sure they said they WERE doing away with the .5 releases from now on.
Presumably cos even logical minded folks like programmers just can’t wait to get to version 13. :sunglasses:

PS: Version 12 working just fine on my new Ryzen 5950 and the old i7 4770 (7/8 years old?)

Well, what are you complaining then? You’re running an old not supported system and having issues.
Then you talk about how the program will go down in history as “the major failure”. lol

Yes, I’ve met so many problems with the Windows Cubase. The most recent is the play icon that allows you to play back the clip from the position where you click until you release the mouse button. When a cue mix is set up in Cubase this doesn’t work in Windows. The meters trigger but there is no sound on any output of the soundcard. A similar thing happens when auditioning from the media bay when a cue mix is set up - no sound from any output.

I think they should get power users to thoroughly test the Windows version and iron out these bugs.

As a gesture of good will I think they should offer all Windows Cubase 12 users a free upgrade to Cubase 12.5.

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It seems to be a hit an miss situation with C12.

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“Cubase as a service”! :smile:

This sounds like a misconfiguration. You should post a new topic to figure out what’s actually going on.

i remember Cubase 6 was unusable, that thing was very buggy as hell and we fix it, just be patient, there is very smart people working hard trying to solve this issues.

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