Will there be a C11.5?

Thanks for all the information. I really appreciate the open communication here. :+1:
Looking forward to use C12 on a new M1 Pro/Max computer soon… :sunglasses:

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This may be (probably is) the wrong place to post this but, I have a Cubase 4 license on an licenser that I purchased an upgrade to Cubase 11 for a few months ago. I’ve been waiting for 11.5 to activate to get the “grace period”. Will this still apply if I wait another tear until Cubase 12?

You can already activate it and the license will be eligible for the Grace Period update already. https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4408738020498-Free-Grace-Period-Update-to-Cubase-12

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Does this mean that Steinberg will stop naming major updates both x.0 and x.5 and only use x.0 in the future?

Sure hope so.


“No, no update this November.”
Good to know…now I can use my update savings to purchase other stuff.

As far as I read the Steinberg news, the next version would be 12? (even a grace-periode for new buyers)
That means they break the tradition of .5 versions every other year?

That is correct. There will be no Cubase 11.5. The next version will be Cubase 12.

But will there ever be a version 12.5?

I’ll record with Cubase 11 and party like it’s Cubase 99!

For this I also like to get an answer. No more .5 versions in the future ? Or only this time ?

Currently there are no plans to go back to the .0 and .5 release scheme.


Interesting… So we are headed into a totally different structural direction… not just licensing… but patches and updates to? Is that what I’m understanding?

Is Steinberg aiming to patch things more frequently so there is more incentive to login every 30 days and keep people engaged?

Exciting times.

I’m also confused…does this mean more or less frequent updates / new versions?

More and free updates.

SB need the revenue stream for paid upgrades……

I’m guessing there is going to be more of a constant and maintained pipelines between the developers and the end users, to make it more akin to Adobe updates or, these pipeline plugins like Arcade where new content is constantly being added.

Because, if you’re going to be having people connecting all the time… might as well pipelines them some content and new features. And apart from going dongless, a lot of users have always asked for a more constant and fluid update pacing.

For me it seems obvious, the .5 updates did cost only the half. So one year full price upgrade, the next half price upgrade → now each year full price upgrade… understandable but…