Will I be able to run Emu 1820m sound card on Window 7?


Receiving a new PC tomorrow which will have Windows 7 installed on it.
I love my old Emu 1820m sound card and audio dock etc so I want to continue to use it, will this be possible on Windows 7? I know Creative have ceased supporting it and I can not seem to find any updated driver that should work for Windows 7 / 8 etc.
Any help / advice or links to drivers would be great thanks…

Unless it has drivers for Win 7 I doubt it, unless you try the generic driver called ASIO4ALL…some say it works good enough, for others or not good4ALL. All you could do is try it and see if it works for you.

I use several old Aardvark audio cards & being they went out of business during the height of Win XP, I’m stuck on Win XP to use them.

1212M, 1820, 1820M work fine under W7 - 10(TP) x64

Just make sure you get / have the last “beta” drivers for the emu pci cards.

I have 2 EMU cards and am looking at picking up one more as backup. :laughing:

Thanks anybody have any valid links to theses drivers?

I noticed that you can’t get them from emu/creative. It takes you to a generic page.

The last drivers I know of “beta” or not are the 2.1 driver and application.

I have them and once I locate what drive they are on, I’ll upload them to my onedrive account and send you a linky-poo

Have you tried this one:
E-MU PCIe Digital Audio System drivers
File Size: 33.32 MB
Date: 07 December 2014

:ugeek: The last 2.1 drivers work fine over here.

I just leave it at 48K. Unless I’m silly enough to record at 96 or 192…

It sorta works under Yosemite too. KX drivers are needed, but you only get outputs so far.

Thank you have you found the driver yet please?


Ah! Yes I have!

Thanks I will try, and hopefully get it sorted…

I seem to now have my E-mu 1820m software and dock working with audio out. :smiley: (Not tried midi yet until tomorrow.)

I have attached a screenshot of the current settings in my patchmix dsp.
Firmware is currently at, 3.4 for 1010 E-mu, will I be able to upgrade this firmware to match my E-mu 1820m? (in other words; so it displays E-mu 1820m in the patchmix settings instead of E-mu 1010)

Cheers in advance of any help…

The 1010 refers to the PCI card itself … it’s the same for all DAS hardware variations, only the add-ons like the 1820m, 1616m etc. differ.

Use the ALL INPUTS presets.

P.s only 44khz & 48khz available, how do I get 96k & 192k showing again?

Button with the square in it. Not the button with the O in it.

Still only gives me option to pick 44khz or 48khz… :cry:


This? You don’t get these options?

The EMU10K1 chip on the 1010 card is sample-locked at 48kHz, so you’re best sticking to that if you want to avoid sample-rate conversion.


As title states using 1820m card :sunglasses: