Will it support drag & drop for Battery etc?

Will Cubase get drag & drop functionality for 3rd party plugins now? This has been requested for many years and would make the upgrade worth it for me and I’m sure many others. It has such a significant impact on your workflow when you work with a lot of samples and is something S1v2 shines at as well as other competitors. A definitive answer would be great.

if there is still no drag and drop to battery after all this time then you know this is a purposefully crippling by Steinberg for sure now. it has been many years and hundreds of posts for this…to ignore this must be on purpose.

Steinberg i hope i am wrong and you have finally addressed this for Cubase 7.

i quote your Cubase 7 advertising “You asked for it and Cubase 7 delivers!”. really?

I agree. I will not be upgrading and probably eventually move on to other platforms if they still can’t implement such a simple thing.

you can sort of work around this missing feature using the free vst->xml translator: http://vstxmltranslator.blogspot.com

thank you luka yes we are all aware of the workaround, but workarounds do not say “user friendly” and “ease of workflow” do they…both of which Cubase 7 is apparently all about?

If you want drag and drop, it is on Native Instruments or any other VSTi company to implement it within the workflow that Cubase has presented. There were other 3rd party VSTi that were older and supported drag and drop within Cubase. GAO also supports drag and drop so it’s doable.

Don’t get me wrong, Battery is absolutely awesome, but GAO supports it, why not try to use that?

Or if it’s something you really want, why not pressure the VSTi developers to implement it?

That is the same thing as saying I won’t buy Reason because it doesn’t support VST, or I won’t buy ProTools because it won’t support VST natively, or I won’t buy Logic because of some obscure thing it never did and never intended to do. It’s not happening and I commend Steinberg for presenting it in a specific way and leaving it up to VSTi developers to implement it. I’d rather have that, than forcing Steinberg to implement it within their audio engine and it breaking. Or maybe it’s not complatible and would require a serious revamp of the engine and alot easier for a VSTi developer to implement.

The whole making threats thing is very childish, if you are really gonna switch because of a small feature, do it. Let us know if the grass is greener on the other side. :confused:

Just out of curiosity, do other DAW’s allow drag and drop for battery or other VSTi’s?
I though this was a feature of the instrument, not of the DAW. Correct me if I’m wrong .

interapplication drag and drop is a feature of both apps, ie a feature of the host (the “drag from” part) and the plugin (the “drop onto” part).

Battery for example accepts .wav-files dragged onto a cell. A DAW can create a .wav-file of an audio part which is dragged.

Cubase does NOT create a .wav-file when anything audio is dragged. It creates an .xml file with much more information than a .wav file holds. An audio event in cubase for example may be a small part of a huge .wav-file. If you drag the event, cubase creates an .xml with information about the huge .wav-file and the part within that file which comprises the audio event.

Either Cubase would have to “render to audio file” the event internally upon dragging, and sending battery the rendered audio file. Or Battery would have to accept the Steinberg Standard VST3 XML-file…

Steinberg want to establisch its VST XML Standard. NI don’t want to be bound to Steinberg only and won’t multiple proprietary solutions for multiple DAWs, so it accepts “standard .WAV” files…

Who is to blame? BOTH
Who suffers from this? WE CUSTOMERS.

“do other DAW’s allow drag and drop for battery or other VSTi’s”

Yes of course only steinberg has trouble with this.


It already works in Cubase 6!!!

Windows 7 64bit, works
Checked with Mac OS X 10.6.6, works

It really is important that after the explorer/finder window opens you click on the Cubase window one more time. Then you must not click on the explorer/finder window again but just grab the file from the explorer/finder and drag it to the VSTi. If you can’t get this to work you must be leaving out a point in my description or I did not define the steps thorough enough. Also maybe there is a nother application running in the background that could be cuasing this to not work. Just try it again and see if you missed something.

For Windows there is also the taskbar method:
Set you VSTi to “Always On Top” then–>

    • Search for the Sample in the Media Bay
    • Right click on it and choose “Show in explorer/Finder”.
    • Drag the sample to the windows taskbar onto the Cubase task so the window highlights again, do not release yet, and when the Cubas window is highlighted then drag to your VSTi and release.

Here is a gif that demonstrates:


That’s not a “work”, that’s a work around. We want to drag from the track view to the VSTi. That’s how Reaper, Logic, Live, FL etc… allow you to do it.

Select the bit you want cutting if required, in the arrange window, drag to the vsti, thats it everywhere except cubase.

Just like you can with halion and cubase.


TabSel and Hippo,

Thanks for the clarification.
I also use Logic and other DAW’s (my main DAW is Cubase) but had never tried that.
I agree that it would be nice if Steinberg would implement this.

+1 from me

Dont forget midi either, at the moment it seems to work one way only in cubase, from plugin to cubase but not from cubase to plugin.
This again is no problem for other DAWs


this whole “passing the buck” of responsibility to plugin manufacturers has got to stop. The bottom line is…3rd party drag and drop works to Battery in all other DAWs except Cubase. So which one is the odd one out here?

Some would say its just to force you into buying Halion instead of Kontakt.


The direct drag and drop is not possible indeed but if you need to take a sample from the arrangement in Cubase and load it into battery you could do it like this.

On gif 1 I take a sample from the arrangement in Cubase and drop it on the battery pads.
On gif 2 I slice a drum loop from the arrangement in Cubase and drop the evnts on battery pads.


Thx for the tip, I didnt know you could do it this way.

But its still a pain to do it like this in windows 7, with all the windows floating around.

With all respect, would it really be so hard to implant directly drag-and-drop from the media-bay to plugins like battery? Dont get me wrong, i love Cubase… But you would make so many users happy by adding this feature. Or at least give us a straight answer why you wont do this, so we dont get our hopes up in every update.

JHP, thanks for taking the time to show this, but again it’s a workaround that most of us already do. It’s cumbersome and kills workflow. Drag and drop (without multiple awkward steps prior) would be welcomed by many, I’m certain.


Thank you for your replies. I am aware of the known workaround, but if you deal with a large number of samples like myself it gets cumbersome. I guess Cubase is not the best daw for electronic music these days. I really want them to implement it, because I’ve been using the program for 10+ years and don’t really want to go through years of tutorials in search of greener pastures in other DAWs.
However, the current focus on expanding with mediocre versions of melodyne and amplitube is completely counter-intuitive to being able to compete with more streamlined DAWs with their window management in order.

Many of us spend thousands of dollars on VSTis and just want an optimized platform to use them on. Drag & drop and window management are examples that your loyal customers have been wanting for many years. With a little tweaking, it would be perfect. Don’t let the lust for propitiatory conquest with your VST XML ruin the potential of the DAW.