Will Nuendo 6 be released before Cubase 7 ?


Any clue if Nuendo 6 will be released before Cubase 7 ?

Yes, I would agree with you. That makes a lot of sense. But… Maybe not to Steinberg :unamused:

I doubt that’s going to happen. So… Will they be releasing Nuendo 6 before Cubase 7 ? No Clues ?


That is how nek should have been the first time.

Chances that Steinberg would do this is … 0.000001 % So, I’m not expecting them to change their product line format in 2012 or 2013.

BUT… if they do they will be doing the right thing, which they should have done a long time ago.

Cubase 7 (Standard) with an option to add a Post Production Feature module via an Upgrade to Cubase 7 (Post-Pro) would imho. make a lot of sense.

Going back to topic, Will Nuendo 6 be released before Cubase 7 ?

I wish someone at Steinberg would provide some feedback here on this forum. (Where are they ?) :unamused:

I am here but I can’t tell you :wink:

You can tell us … I promise it will remain between just us few friends and our twitter feeds, instagrams, facebook/google+ friends, random audio forums … that’s it, I swear! So come on, spill the beans :smiley:

Well… no. Maybe later! :mrgreen:

Man, it’s like you don’t trust the internet or something. What’s the world coming too :cry:

Yeah, right! Throw us a sardine or something to hold us over. :mrgreen:


What a nice surprise, and visit to this forum from Admin.

Looking forward to Cubase 7 , and possibly some other interesting products from Steinberg.

It sure has been quiet here regarding new products, I’m sure Steinberg development is working overtime, and have lots new, and interesting products to show us soon :sunglasses:


hahaha shut up, please! :laughing:

+1 on making it the same app.

upgrade from c5 to 6.5 or wait for c7 ? this is the question !

6.5 is great ! and offers a lot of new features compared to version 5.

I have a feeling that Cubase 7 won’t be out until at least Jan. 2013.

So it depends if you need the new features in Cubase 6.5 , if you feel ok using version 5, and can wait, then wait until version 7 is out, hopefully by Jan. 2013, unless its release is delayed further towards Feb/March 2013. (hopefully not). Basically it’s quite speculation at this point as to when version 7 will be officially released.


Gawd save us! More questions from those who think the NEXT big version will mean they are geniuses because it will obviously be easier to use because it’s sooooooo NEW.
Learn how to use what you’ve got first.
So, it’ll have LOADS of trendy NEW nick-knacks. So what. You’ll still not be able to use them. :mrgreen:
And in 5 minutes you’ll be asking for version 8 because you don’t understand what you’re supposed to do with them.
And it’ll all be Steinberg’s fault. :laughing:

Learn how to use what you’ve got first.

how do u know what should i learn ? thats not the point.
i know c6 has great new features over c5,
its been awhile since c6 released and i don’t want to pay 150+150 for upgrading to c6 and then to c7 just few month later.
its not that urgent for me now to upgrade anyway,so i’ll make the move to c7 probably.

I have a feeling Cubase 7 is just around the corner. Most likely this year :slight_smile:

I think the countdown on the main page is for Nuendo 6 :slight_smile:

Oi, a countdown!
Exciting :smiley: