Will Steinbeg pre-announce Cubase 9?

I just received a mail from Steinberg announcing that Dorico will be available from October 19th. I wonder if Steinberg will announce the release date of Cubase 9, a week before it’s released, as well?

Historically they don’t pre-announce a new version.

A product launch is kind of different.

You’re correct. However, I’m not surprised that they announce Dorico. But that they pre-anounce a specific release date? New version or new product. I can’t recall that Steinberg has done that before, have they?

Don’t recall one way or the other for new products, which occur fairly infrequently. Also they clearly want Dorico to be a product category disruptor, so the marketing plan might be different than say a CMC controller.

I noticed a few days ago you could pre-order it.

WL9 was pre-announced though

Interesting. Maybe they’ve re-thought how to handle major releases.

Historically they release a new version in December or January.

Steinberg release new version of Cubase every first Wednesday in December (based on previous releases)

Well for 7 & 8 that’s true, but earlier than that they didn’t. So it might be something intentional they recently adopted. Or it could just be happenstance. I’d lean towards intentional, but…?

So December 7th, is the date to look forward to then. :wink:

Unless it’s not :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Again anticipation, and then again disappointment… same thing every time.

I really hope you’re wrong this time. But history has proven you right thus far :frowning:.

I dunno man. I thought Cubase 3-7 was awful. 8 made it seem tolerable to me, and 8.5 has nearly convinced me to switch to it as my main DAW from another DAW that I really like.

To each their own I guess.

Cubase 7.0… December 5, 2012
Cubase 7.5… December 4, 2013
Cubase 8.0… December 3, 2014
Cubase 8.5… December 2, 2015
Cubase 9/10…December 1, 2016

December 1st is on a Thursday, so the first Wednesday is December 7th.

Well only if you assume that Wednesday is the basis of the pattern instead of a countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Of course if a countdown is the pattern, that means Cubase 9.5 will happen on December 0, at which point we’ll enter The Twilight Zone I suspect. :astonished:

To me Cubase 6 was the best. Admittedly it was the Cubase I started with. But it was the most stable, with the least amount of bugs/issues. When Steinberg released Cubase 7, with the new mixer, things went downhill very quickly. Cubase 7.5, Cubase 8 and Cubase 8.5 improved on the mixer and the GUI, but they also added a bunch of bugs.

Don’t get me wrong, cause Cubase 8.5 is not terrible. It really isn’t. But I feel that, since Cubase 7, Steinberg has been milking the yearly cycle with new features (some of them very welcomed) but not enough time for them to take care of as many bugs or fully develop the new features as they did before (at least this is my impression from the 5 years I’ve been using Cubase).

I really am hoping that Cubase 9 will bring stability back. We need a new video engine and improved CPU thread handling. They also need to catch up on bug fixing.

If we’re talking about stable versions, it must have been v1 on the Atari. Obiously, it didn’t have the capabilities of Cubase Pro 8.5, but it was, just about, impossible to crash.

Here’s a trivia question for you all. What was the originally intended name for Cubase? The betas and original ads actually used this name.