Will we ever see quicktime export in Cubase?

C’mon, Steinberg. It’s about time.

I think if Cubase is being touted as a composers DAW of choice (which Steinberg want it to be) direct quicktime export is very much needed. Pretty much all other major DAWs have this (even Ableton Live). The clunky Replace audio in Video File option is an extremely poor substitute. When working on a film and needing to send Quicktime cuts of cues for review quickly, its really an unintuitive and cumbersome thing to do.

I’m guessing that Nuendo is being pushed as the DAW for this sort of thing, but Nuendo is a post-production DAW (and much more expensive and full of features that composers dont need). I think this is all a by-product of Steinberg push to clearly differentiate Cubase from Nuendo, yet as a composer it’s something of an oversight. Is this because they will have to pay a license or some such, and simply don’t want to?

How about at least of a purchasable addon for Cubase offering quicktime export? Not that I think it should be something that should cost extra…


I wholeheartedly agree. The only useful workaround I’ve found is adding the music to the video file in QT7 Pro.

Yeah me too, still use QT7 all the time, i fear the day when it stops working!

Yes, this is BS. I was exited when I moved my latest tv show to Cubase after using Logic for 6 years and spent a lot of time and money into the move. I would love to use Cubase, but when it takes 4 more mouse clicks to do anything like exporting audio, bounce in place, or cannot marry audio to picture, Im sad to have to go back to Logic just because Cubase hasn’t reached up to efficiency standards.

FYI- Nuendo doesn’t export Quicktime movies either. And since the Quicktime API is deprecated, developers will not be using it in their applications.

This is still BS,you can Export in AVID PT,Digital performer etc,this function is a must for composing to picture,Directors,producers,always want to see and HEAR the the music to picture,as the cues take shape.



Ridiculous, I have to import everything to Pro Tools just to export a quicktime.

+1 !!

I still do this in Logic X.
So it´s closing Cubase, opening Logic, Export Audio to Video, Closing Logic, Reopening Cubase, Continue working.

In Logic it was: Export Audio to Video, go on.

It´s the feature i miss most of all.

Yeah please make this happen! Would save lots of time.

Yes! Please put this in, Steinberg! I’ve been asking for this for years. The “replace audio in video” is extremely poor design and does not work when needing to export sections of a long QuickTime movie without first chopping up the video before importing it into Cubase. Unfortunately, it is quicker and easier (as others have mentioned) to export the audio out of Cubase and into one of the many competing DAWs (which all have this function) to marry and mix the audio to picture.

So please, get with the times concerning QuickTime export. Assuming it will happen, it’ll be laughed at by other DAW users the same way DP9 is promoting “muting MIDI notes”. (I’m joking—or am I?) :sunglasses:

Yes this needs to happen, Dp, pro tools, even presonus can I think, let’s not make excuses let’s make it happen, it’s less than becoming for a daw with the word professional to not offer this professional tool, or let’s just throw in the towel and call it Cubase Hobby 8. Or Cubase explore music 8 :smiley:

FYI- Nuendo doesn’t export Quicktime movies either. And since the Quicktime API is deprecated, developers will not be using it in their applications.

The Quicktime API is deprecated? Are you sure deprecated was the right word to use here? I was always under the impression that deprecate meant: a person expressing disapproval. I’m not sure how an API can.

Yes. It’s software developer jargon.

From https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/releasenotes/MacOSX/WhatsNewInOSX/Articles/MacOSX10_9.html

The following frameworks are deprecated in OS X v10.9:

Instant Message framework
QuickTime framework
QTKit framework (except for QTMovieModernizer)

Yes. It’s software developer jargon.

Ah. So it is. I read the page. Nice link, Steve. A bit further down, I found this:

The QuickTime and QTKit frameworks are superseded by AV Kit and AV Foundation. You can learn more about transitioning to AV Kit and AV Foundation by reading Transitioning QTKit Code to AV Foundation.

The newly added QTMovieModernizer class in QTKit provides support for converting media encoded using older codecs into modern formats that are forward-compatible with AV Foundation.

Note: The QuickTime file format (.mov) is not deprecated. It is the primary media format in OS X and iOS, and is well supported by AV Foundation.

I guess it means that the Mac developers who are making Export to QT function in their DAWs, have moved to AV Kit and AV Foundation.

Surely someone over in Hamburg must be aware of this.

They are, but I don’t know what they plan to do. This has to be one of the top requested functions from both Cubase and Nuendo users.

Sorry but I can’t help…

Will we ever see “quictkime” export in Cubase ?

The answer for me is : hope NOT (only).
We’re not on Apple site here, maybe it would more appropriate to generalize the title of the thread.

I think that first, Steinberg should remove QuickTime from Windows version, and then YES, absolutely :

I really hope we’ll see one day “VIDEO” export in Cubase.
That’s to say : H.264, AVI, WMV, MOV etc …

“Video” doesn’t mean “QuickTime” :wink:

Oh ok interesting thread now, horsing around aside , it doesn’t need to be quiktime, we just need video export but glad to see they are
aware, it will come .then …I just tried DP 9. And pro tools 11 trail and the fonts are so hard to read, couldn’t do it…Dp 9 especially small print. So here I stay.

+1 why why why is there no export to qt. At least make it an option in nuendo so we don’t have to use protools anymore…

yes. AGREED. Cubase needs video export!!! (not adding much to this thread other than I whole heartedly agree)
I switched to Cubase 3wks ago from DP8. Love everything about it. However, the not being able to export Video and the fact that it isn’t able to embed smpte timecode in audio files is a big downfall in my opinion. Currently I am back working in DP.

Like mentioned above…how can a “pro” DAW not be able to do these two ESSENTIAL things that are imperative to film/tv composers.



Well yes it would be better titled video export. I couldn’t really give two hoots if its QuickTime specifically or not. But that’s just semantics. Video export is desperately needed. As another poster pointed out, directors want to hear cues in context. I know how much directors appreciate being able to quickly evaluate cues from video exports, as opposed to sending audio cue mixes to to the video editor to line up for directors meetings. The way the current system works is horrendously implemented.

If Steinberg can offer a reason as to why this basic feature is missing I might be able to understand where they’re coming from. As it stands, I can only assume they must think all composers adhere to the Media Ventures system of slaving Pro Tools to Cubase for video playback and stem recording.