Win10 - Creators Update coming; don't update yet...

Steinberg won’t be officially supporting its products on this platform until after testing is complete - into December I would guess…

So, the bigger question (to Microsoft really) - is how to stop auto-updates happening for a month or more, if your machine is internet connected (email, browsing, stuff for work etc…)…?

Would love to hear a step-by-step for how to prevent that Creators edition from coming through, but not blocking critical security updates.

it won’t come through automatically, it will show itself, for your you to select. Just be careful where you click when updating.
also note that with every update you can just uninstall via Windows restore, with every version update, you can roll back to the previous install which is automatically backed up.

My personal view on the Steinberg message is that it is a just disclaimer, which is fine to avoid claims/discussion. My experience is that for Windows it will probably not be a problem. For Apple you mileage may vary as often vendors do need to update drivers or changes routines to work in the new version of the OS.

I’m not going to wait on SB to confirm, but take my chances on Win10.

if you want to know what’s changing?

The wonders of auto-update. It’s a personal matter but I’m not a fan of W10 auto updates since you cannot be sure how this will affect the operation of your software. Auto updates can be forcibly disabled, though not to be recommended. I strongly believe Microsoft should have made this a readily available user choice, as is the case in almost all other software.

Auto-updating is currently indeed a user choice as far as I’m aware.

And the reason it’s recommended to allow updates has to do with security to very large part.

Thanks for the replies guys…

@Raphie - I did not (obviously) know that you could simply ‘roll-back’ on these updates, so that’s kind of good - I’m glad you pointed that out, if anything bad should happen.

@stingray and @MattiasNYC - Ok, so to prevent updates happening any further (until I decide), I’ve just done a quick ‘How To’ internet search. The results returned, point to solutions for Win10 builds from back in early 2016… didn’t things change with that so called ‘Anniversary Update’ release, to stop you doing this so readily…? I’m on Win10 Home BTW…

Anyway, I’ll keep looking… In the meantime, if anyone has more up-to-date/relevant info they can point me to, please do… Thanks.

It could be an issue with being on “home” versus “pro”. I would search about this. The dedicated Win 10 thread had someone post exactly where to go and what to do to get it done just like this week or last week. I think the thread is a “sticky” in the “computer” section.

Thank you @Puma0382 for the post and link. :wink:

Now a somewhat related (continuing) concern…

It boggles my mind thinking about why Steinberg does not post a link to this kind of news in the forum “News and Announcements” section. Or send out a mass emailing to all registered users. Or heaven forbid, put a timely announcement in the Steinberg Hub. Seriously, this is just continuing lame communication. :unamused:

Vent complete… please continue with the original topic.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ok thanks… will take a look

Prock, your idea about using the hub for more than its current use is a very good one. As a hobby user, many other software pieces are used on my computer and I have on many occasions, mindlessly said…" oh…a new update, cool" before you know it’s installing.

Such advance notification will be substantially helpful. Especially now that I am much more involved in using a full gamut of Steinberg products that I may find unsupported and in limbo. As I read about so many guys really using Cubase for production, this has got to be unnerving news. I read a lot of that link…I didn’t know windows did 10% of that stuff

To protect against updates being automatically downloaded by W10, these instructions were written by a Microsoft rep on another forum in response to my question. I can’t vouch for it, especially whether it applies to blocking Creators Update, but here it is for anyone who wants to mess with it.

  1. In the Search/Cortana box, type “gpedit” and select the “Edit Group Policy” result. You can also use Windows + R and type gpedit.msc
  2. Once in the group policy editor, navigate to : Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update.
  3. Change “Do not include drivers with Windows Updates” to “Enabled”. There are a few other settings in there that may be interesting. I haven’t tried them, so not sure how effective they are. Perhaps others here have. Not all settings are meaningful on Pro; some are really Enterprise-only.
  4. Reapply settings (easiest thing to do is reboot)

Additionally to see what updates W10 has made, and how to roll them back, this is what he wrote:

  1. Your update history in the settings app should show it. I haven’t had any driver updates in ages, so I can’t double-check. Driver updates are usually pretty rare, unless you unplug and replug stuff in a different USB port and you see the downloading/installing message.

  2. Right click the start menu, choose device manager, get to the device you want to roll back, choose properties, driver, roll back driver.

Hope this helps someone.

  1. How to prevent this update from occurring on my computer? Does anyone have a step-by-step?
    I went to W10 Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options, then chose “Current Branch for Business”, “Defer Feature Updates for 365 days” (I left Quality updates to 0 days because it said those include security improvements) and “Pause Updates = ‘On’ for 35 days”.

In combination with the “Prevent Driver Updates” post of mine in the post immediately above this … will this prevent the W10 Creatures Fall Update (being released today) from occurring?


From the end of October on, we (Steinberg) shall begin testing our current line of products on both these operating systems.

Why in the world are they waiting until “the end of October” to test this update? Doesn’t Microsoft release the updates to companies ahead of time, and didn’t Steinberg get that release so they could do pre-release testing?

For info only…
I am reporting that I updated to Win 10 Fall Release (1709) this morning. No issues with the (4) projects I am working. Each project has approximately (6) instrument tracks and (8) audio tracks. The instrument tracks have (1) VSTi inserted on each and the audio tracks have (1) to (3) VST effects inserted. The main stereo out has (1) VST inserted. Mucho automation on all tracks. I worked a couple of hours on each project and no issues have been noted. Cubase has been running continuously for approx (8) hours. Fingers crossed for continued no issues. Could be my imagination but all feels snappier (probably not though).

I’m sure your mileage will vary. This is for my home studio. Also… the update took (30) minutes on my studio PC. It is taking much longer on my non-studio related laptop that is running with 4g ram and an Intel Core I5 processor. So far almost (90) minutes and it is still not complete. The actual download time was very fast on both but the install time is what is taking longer on the laptop.

Regards :sunglasses:

Caution - Tools for UR interfaces doesn’t play well with the new W10 update, Cubase doesn’t load according to:

Fix is found in the link.