Window Scroll Key Command?

Possible Total Noob Question:

Is there a key command which is the equivalent of clicking on the bottom horizontal scroll bar and sliding it slightly left or right so that the project moves just a few bars left or right (or whatever the zoom factor is appropriate) ?

Basically a ‘nudge’ command that would move the entire piano roll left or right a bar or two.



Seriously, NO ONE?

Nudge +1 Bar/Nudge -1 Bar does this, but it moves the cursor. Ctrl plus +/- also works (moves based on current quantize value). Press L to move the cursor to the start of the MIDI part you’re editing.

You may have better results with these key commands if you use the stationary cursor, since it forces the screen to scroll once the cursor reaches the middle of the screen.

I’m not sure if this is possible without also moving the cursor.

Dang. See this is what I used to use the HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR for all the time.

The STUPID SKINNY SCROLL BARS introduced in Cubase 9 just piss me off no f-ing end. There is simply NO substitute for the way I work… moving a few ticks left and right.

Holding Shift while scrolling with the mouse wheel doesn’t work for you?

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Oh yeah, I somehow completely forgot about that one.

Not as fine-grained as I was hoping. That scroll bar thing worked GREAT for me for 15 years!

I -wish- there was the equivalent of the ‘nudge’ commands–except that, instead of moving the cursor, the cursor stood still and the window moved. Apparently not.



In C9.5 we now have alt+shift+click to move the play head anywhere we want.
Best feature ever :slight_smile:
For more precise movements I use a jog wheel.

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That -is- a very cool feature. The way I (had) work(ed) is this:

I hit play… and as the music goes by, when I hear something I want to edit, I stop, move back a bar or two and edit. The problem is that with ‘Scroll’ on, if I move back a bit, the window goes whooosh over to the middle. And if I -don’t- have ‘Scroll’ on, if I move back a bit, the cursor moves off the screen.

But BEFORE, when Cubase had FAT SCROLLBARS, it was no problemo. I just tapped the scrollbar and the entire window moved just a little, teeny bit to the left to where the cursor was. Perfect.

NOW, trying to hit the SKINNY LITTLE B-I-ATCH SCROLLBARS makes the window go wooooozhango off maybe 1/3 of the length of the entire song. There’s simply no fine-grain control.


Hmm… did you guys hear of the Middle Mouse Button? When you hold it, you can literally move anywhere you want as fast as you want. For bigger jumps, you can always quickly outzoom using Ctrl+ScrollWheel, then move with Middle Mouse Button and then Ctrl+ScrollWheel to zoom in and it’s super fast.

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I have heard of it. I seem to have to repeat myself to everyone who uses your ‘trick’. -My- trick worked a -lot- better. Really.

Well the, pardon my ignorance, but I’m not getting at all what you actually want… Because from reading all your posts it doesn’t make any sense to me.

It does to me, have you thought of using a macro, something like
Go back 1? bar ( not in front of Cubase right now)
Maybe a zoom mem and zoom zap put in.

There is no way using the scroll bar was faster than this. By middle click scrolling you don’t need to move the mouse away from the window content each time you want to make an adjustment.

We’re not your personal tech support.

Ok in front of Cubase now, must have had a senior citizen moment there.
ctrl+Numpad - (minus) jumps back to the nearest Bar.
ctrl+Numpad + (plus) jumps forward to the nearest Bar.
In the generic remote there is “stepBackBar” in the Transport Device.

I know not the same as decently shaped scrollbars, one of those design over function decisions that were made by someone clearly newer using them.
Anyhow hope you can find a new way of doing things, best of luck.

I’m on a tablet, thus no mouse wheel for me. That scoll bar isn’t any good and i’d be much in favour of a fix for the track overview, which is bigger and easier to hit. It’s still jumping around randomly, needs a fix. Alternatively a modifier key + click and hold for panning as in the project window would do just fine. Defo needs some attention. Currently, my template is configured so I don’t have to scroll the mixer in most cases. Works for my particular setup, but isn’t ideal.

Thanks. The problem with all these… plus the scroll wheel… is that they are herky jerky.

As I wrote before, up until C9 you could hit Play and just gently tap the Scroll Bar during playback and get a nice -smooth- movement back a few beats or bars (depending on the zoom level). It was -very- user-friendly. Almost like using a nice scratch buttons on a DJ system. Which was PERFECT for listening, hearing a note you wanted to edit, stop, fix it. Go back to listening. Etc. A GREAT way to work.

Now? It’s CLUNKY. It’s like DJing on a -bad- system. Clunk. Clunk.Everything takes 4xs as long.

I miss the bigger scrollbar, too.

I use the jog wheel more now.


I switched back from Mac to PC. And now I gotta use the shift button to scroll left and right with the trackpad. That‘s awful. I‘m used to the touch scrolling. My mouse is basically also a touchpad. So that doesn‘t work too. Everything else is fine. On the Mac I had that feature from the very beginning. I didn‘t know about that behavior because before I switched to Mac there was no multitouch at all. Guess I used the scroll bars in the bottom back then before they went from actually bars to lines. Which would be ok when horizontal scrolling would work without using the shift button. Frustrating!

And by the way: It works with the Magic Mouse on a PC.
I used Boot Camp on a Mac Mini before and it worked flawlessly!

I agree, i don’t understand why there isn’t a keyboard shortcut to smoothly move the whole project left or right in the arrange window or in an editor.

This one of the most annoying things about Cubase and seems so incredibly basic.