Window Snaps, Workspaces and Zones

It would be great if swap move and change the zones and snap them the way we want. For example. If I wanted the project window in the lower zone instead of the mixer or editor or whatever way I want to arrange my setup.

I was recently thinking of replacing my 3, 1080 HD monitors for one big screen 4k TV or even 8K. It would be great if the zones could all be resized and swapped whatever way we want. I could even see myself going Ableton Live’s style with the inspector on the right. Sky is the limite.

For years now, I have been working with 3 monitors in a sort of triangle shaped. Two side by side (project window left and mixer\editors on the right) and then one on top centered for video. Having a 4k of 8k TV instead and making the layout I want would be kick ass.

Workspaces don’t quite do it for me since the don’t snap and all have headers. Zones on the other hand, dont have headers and would be perfect for a neat setup if the where more organisable.

100% agree that they should try to mimic what they already have in WaveLab.

Your idea is already being discussed in another thread so you may want to post something there since it has quite a bit of user support already.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

+1. your idea is an extension of mine (linked thread) which I’m not sure is possible, but I’d like to see it!