Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Updated

The update went fine and the only requirements were:

  1. Sign into iLok Manager to get Lexicon Native Bundle Reverbs available.
  2. Download latest eLicense and run maintenance.

No noticeable change in processing load and in fact it seems very snappy overall vs. 1511 version.

Edit: I did notice that audio drivers beside my RME were reactivated (in Device Mgr.) so I turned them back off.
Also HP update had a newer NVidia Graphics Driver that I allowed to updated in HP Updater Application.

Brave man! :open_mouth:

FYI - One of my computers had not gotten the 1607 update yet so I went here to get it direct from MS.

Update went fine for me too. All is working well and I agree with no noticeable change in processing load and the snappier feel. No issues with Cubase or any of my most commonly used 3rd party VSTs (EZD2, SampleTank 3, Miroslav Philharmonic 2, & VB3). I haven’t yet tried the stock Cubase VSTs.

I too had audio drivers that were installed on the PC motherboard (Realtek HD) reactivated. I upgraded the drivers and left it on for now.

So far so good :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

just installed the update without trouble. Only had to update elicenser control center (run as administrator) looked at the performance both in cubase and system before the update and after, and everything looks more or less normal. a slight chamge of 3-4 % increase in cpu and no change in ram usage. Thank god… :slight_smile:

on my Windows 10 annyversary update was the soft eLicenser defective and irreparable.
I had to reinstall the software. Since my licenses are stick in the USB, I have lost nothing.

if possible move all licenses before windows 10 upgrading to your USB stick.

It is advisable to secure the entire system before the update with a full backup.

just updated, had to run a maintenance on the eLicenser. But it nicely prompted me to open the control center with admin rights and run a maintenance. No problems with iLok and my gazillion EastWest Play libraries.
Not much to look at, but I guess there are a lot of changes under the hood.

Having lived through the 28 versions of Insider releases on two non-workstation computers over the past year it was a fascinating journey and sometimes it was not. With each of the 28 releases the changes were stated so awareness was obvious.

Keep in mind that Windows 10 is a brand new from the ground up OS and the 1607 release yesterday to the public has all the plumbing/infrastructure for the additional features that will be incorporated into RS2 release in 2017.

For those of you interested, this was announced today:

"Windows Central understands that the first major update for 2017 (codenamed Redstone 2) will release in the early part of 2017. The second major update scheduled for 2017 is codenamed “Redstone 3”, which I’ve heard is being targeted for a Summer 2017 launch.

This will leave around 4-6 months between Redstone 2 and Redstone 3, which is similar to the update pattern that the Threshold update wave followed. Redstone 3 will likely be a much smaller update compared to Redstone 2, much like Threshold 2 was to Threshold 1.

Microsoft is currently in the midst of Redstone 2 development, with the latest internal builds now being compiled around the 14900 range. It shouldn’t be too long before Insiders begin receiving Redstone 2 bits for testing, as Microsoft is keen on getting the latest bits out for testing as soon as possible for maximum bug catching and feedback.

Of course, considering we’re still several months away from any updates being ready for the public, schedules and timings could easily change. However, one thing is definitely clear; Microsoft wants two major updates out in 2017, which is great news for Insiders and consumers who want to stay updated with the latest features and enhancements from Microsoft."

So far I’ve had no issues with the new build. If anything things seem a bit snappier and more polished. I’ve not noticed any issues with performance degradation thankfully. All good here.

had a power cut during the update. now my pc is fucked

Hi all,

After the Windows 10 update all OK here. I’ve been using Cubase all day and had absolutely no problems, in fact if anything, Cubase seems a little faster :slight_smile:

Cheers all,

Jim B

This is all very interesting - so no-one is getting the performance cuts that Steinberg found?

Not me. Everything running fine after the update, and I tested ALL my software (took me one day to do that).

The ADK guy I work with said the update reset some power settings in a way not good for Audio, and robinv at SOS (among others) said there were e-licenser issues, and new crash on exit messages.

Robinv also said the new update installed many little background apps, and who knows the effect of those on audio.

And of course the Steinberg website said we could expect a 5-10% performance drop with the New update.

All this made me wonder a few things:

  1. Is there a place to go to find out all the changes this update made to the computer that might affect DAW function, so we can reset them?
  2. Could Microsoft be making changes that adversely affect DAW function with every weekly update ? Do forced weekly updated make it a pretty much impossible task to keep a finely tweaked DAW in its optimal condition any more?

Sorry, but reading this thread confirms once more why I dislike Windows 10 and Microsoft (and Apple too).

It definitely resets your settings, but as long as you know that it’s not too much of a drama to put them back. So far, all the negative comments I’ve read (not just here) are theoretical “it might” / "it could"s. Glad to read so far all real word comments - resetting settings aside - are more encouraging.

my post was positive, my system runs fine so far after updating

said there were e-licenser issues

… elicenser like my installer for XLN Audio Software. Because the XLN installer calculated new hardware ID for my updated windows 10 system (same hardware, nothing changed).

After two days I had to reinstall the elicenser software . The Soft -Lizenser was again defect.

Other than having to run eLicenser Control Centre once as Administrator, which was that same after the original upgrade, no issues here.

None to report here. Are there any specifics, or repros?