Windows 10, intel 12th/13th gen CPUs? any core allocation problems?

just built a new 13700k system.

any cubase 12 pro users using a 12th or 13th gen intel chip on windows 10? any weird behaviour with core allocation? the official line is use windows 11 with these chips but would like to stick with 10 if possible. general benchmarks online look identical, so it’s just a matter of whether core loading happens in a weird way on heavy projects specifically in cubase.

Bear in mind that some 12th Gen CPUs are on Microsoft’s official supported CPU list for Windows 10, but I cannot see any 13th Gen ones, so if it doesn’t work properly, neither Microsoft nor Steinberg are obligated or even likely to fix it on 13th Gen. 13th Gen has a newer version of the Thread Director on the CPU which Windows 10 won’t know how to use properly.

See Windows Processor Requirements Windows 10 21H2 Supported Intel Processors | Microsoft Learn

Any processor with a P-core + E-core combination needs Win11 to handle these properly.

If you ‘must’ stick with Win10 for some reasons, and if you observe a tangible issue (ex. CPU hangs…), then disable the E-cores.
But if your machine is stable, you can just ignore what’s under the hood and move on. (until you can migrate to Win11)