Windows 10

How long will Steinberg support Windows 10 ?
Windows 10 has about 2 more years to run but, will Steinberg still support products until then.
My pc doesn’t like Windows 11 as Gigabyte aren’t updating the drivers. The Latency is hopping around all over the place.

There are no immediate plans to stop supporting Windows 10. As mentioned, it is still supported by Microsoft and it is also still used on plenty of systems.

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I’ve just started building another pc and am not sure what O.S to use.
The problem is the latency spikes.

One frequent source of those are Nvidia GPU drivers. However, it appears that there’s a new version of Nvidia drivers that are much better behaved:

p.s. I also stayed with Win10 on my new system for the time being.

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Thanks Guys
Think I’ll try 11 and have a look at the Nvidia driver.

I went with Win 11 and used the Nvidia Geforce driver.
DPC is through the roof with the Nvidia being the culprit.
Not relly suire what to now.
Go to Windows 10 ver 1809 or, buy an Apple computer

Is there any where to look at that advises on BIOS settings
Like should i disable the CPU fan automation ?
Minesa gigabyte z390 gaming x board
I’ve just installed the latest bios and am getting nasty spikes.