windows to mac

I am considering going to to Mac from PC. How do I convert my intrument patch scripts from PC to Mac?

why would you?
cost more performs less

That was a pretty immature post, do you work for ADK?

What is immature about truth?

Bye / Tumppi

I thought the “mac vs PC” thing died years ago. Maybe not?? Its roughly the same cost to build a dual xeon.2.66 on either platform. There are apps some apps I need to run on mac and still others on PC. Cubase I’ll probably move to Mac.

I think the point is that performance on OSX is is still pretty awful when compared with Windows. Even if you buy a Mac (which in the UK still costs 30% more for virtually the same spec) it might be a good idea to run Cubase in Windows, rather than OSX.


yes but it’s 2011 and sandybridge is where it’s at. You can build a 2600k quad/8 thread which will OC to 4.6-4.8 GHZ,with 16 gigs of ram machine for a grand that will smoke any dual xeon MacPro.

You could dual boot win 7 and OSX to if you’re a little computer savy. I built a hackintosh last week with my old Q6600 machine, it’s sat running OSX10.6.7 and pro tools 9 here very nicely :smiley:

but as has already been said, performance wise Cubase runs better on windows 7,and more importantly as it stands today,you can run a fully x64 system that will take advantage of all your ram,the x64 world on OSX is still in its infancy compared to windows.I’ve been fully x64 for a year now, I wouldn’t go there on OSX yet.


LOL i own ADK.
sorry but thats just the facts and oh i sell Apple as well.

cost more
preforms less
all cross platform software preforms better on Windows than OSX to varying degrees.
PT 9 is about the closest with Cubendo being the worst.

just trying to save you money spent for nothing.

here is a link to part 4 but really you should start with part 1 then read on
2 yr long testing of which i have validated his findings, as has many others

and no a windows dual Xeon is less $ than an Apple Xeon by far not to mention you dont want a Dual Xeon unless you go 2.93GHz or higher (and higher is only on windows systems)
the single 6 core 3.33GHz Apple sells will outperform the dual Xeon 2.8GHz. yes i know you dont understand how… but trust me it does.
same would apply for a windows Xeon system.

lastly what software do you have to have that is Apple only? FC, DP, Logic? as thats pretty much it…
FC falls on its face badly, here is hoping the new one about to be released will actually be 64bit.

right now Adobe is running circles areound FC and laughing all the way… yes i do video systems as well

You own ADK?!! LOL I spoke with one of your sales guys a few weeks ago. Actually I think I used your wizard ( or another to speck out a dual core xeon) I was pricing for someone else to build not me - Which I can do and save a few bucks. So the issue you say is more with cubase then osx. Not sure if I agree with you on Abobe vs fcp.

Hey Mike,
its NOT cubase its OSX inability to correctly multithread one of the reasons FC is so bad as well.

we do video as well

trust me FC sucks really bad right now and has for awhile. i can take the same project in Adobe or FC and have it render out in Adobe 2 and a 1/2 times faster. 30 minute AVCHD to H264, 4 layer

Avid is not much better either as its also 32 bit still, but also much faster than FC. in fact even Vegas will blow away FC. Vegas is 64bit. still has a few bugs however.

the new FC is supposed to be 64bit… we will see if that helps but i cant see it helping with core count issues.
i can watch the cores in FC on a 12 core Xeon (24 cores with HT) and watch more than 1/2 not being used and of those being used they are not even.
on windows i can watch the same 24 cores dead even accross the board.
this is the Multi-thread issue.

its sad really because FC is a great program to work with, its the only thing out there work flow wise and tools wise as good as Adobe.

Scott :Interesting test but what I want to see is a 2.66 Xeon x 2 VS I-7 on win 7 and Osx He had that but with win xp not 7 x64.
I don’t care for fcp. Video is always different. I am a Velocity ( san) and Avid editor and I do work with fusion. ( pc only)
The app I really want is Digital performer for film scoring. ( why in Gods name won’t they ever port that over to PC is beyond me) but I still want Cubase and mix/master in samplitute. I don’t like the huge price jump on the apple pro on the 2.93 and the inability to go higher. I may get a imac- i7 and a super PC daw.

Mike - what is it in DP you want? I’m interested, coming from a studio that has been running DP alongside both Nuendo and PTHD for many many years…

I’m on mac, and realize the negatives of the platform. There are things going for it though - but this is not the place to start those kinds of discussions. I’m also biased - I’m heavily into the Metric Halo world for DA/AD… (mac only)

My first question for anyone wanting to go from windows to mac is why? What is it in particular that draws you towards mac?

Cheers, B.

short answer-- money. Orginal config is for two computers one pc one mac. Trying to see if i can get a way with just a mac.
How would you compare the film scoring feature of Nuendo to DP??

turns out after more research the mac got scrapped in favor of a PC maybe next time!

at the moment a wise choice!


Anyone optimistic that Cubase 6 will be further optimized for Mac OSX to run more efficiently, and possibly as good as on a PC/Windows 7 on Mac OSX ?


Will this never be achievable due to technical details related to ASIO and Mac OSX, or other factors that are not something Steinberg can fix ?

I’m still confused about the Mac vs PC and Cubase 6 performance difference, is this an Apple issue, or is it mainly due to the way ASIO or Cubase is coded for Mac ?

By the way, I noticed that all Steinberg reps are using Macs to demo Cubase , Wavelab, …etc. which indicates they are trying to change the general perception that Cubase is a PC - centric/optimized DAW.

I can’t think of a single cross-platform piece of audio software that works better on OSX than Windows, as far as performance is concerned. Even Pro Tools, which is historically Mac software ported to Windows, has performance issues on OSX when compared with Windows.

Therefore I really think that this is a question for Apple, and it will depend on how much of their ethos they are prepared to sacrifice to match or even improve on the performance of Windows.


@ DG Thanks for the feedback. So it’s APPLE’s fault :astonished:

I wonder if ‘Studio One Pro’ by Presonus, runs much better on a PC than on a Mac ? Since it is cross-platform, and also 64-bit, and what about Ableton Live 8 ? better on PC than Mac ?

It seems that the Mac is much more popular with many Studios, and Laptop musicians, even if PC’s offer better performance, what is the the main reason ? Quality of HW ? or just a trend ? plus, Macs cost more than PCs. Kind of a paradox. (Pay more, Get Less !)


If you go to you will be able to see some comparisons and judge for yourself. Or you could install Windows on your machine and do your own test.

Regarding use in studios, it’s mostly a matter of history. For a time in the 90s Macs were more stable, and bearing in mind that this was the time where Pro Tools really came to the fore (Mac only at that point), it is not surprising that people have stuck to what they know. You will also find that “Mac is best” is a perpetuating myth that is carried on by the colleges and Unis, specifically because that’s all the lecturers know.

For myself, I don’t care what I use. I hate Microsoft and Apple equally. Actually that’s not quite true; I hate Apple slightly more, because they force you to buy their over-priced machines in order to use their under performing OS. :wink:

Every time I do a studio upgrade I weigh up the pros and cons on using Windows or OSX, and for the last 6 yeas or so there have been no pros to using OSX; only cons.


My thought’s and actions over the last 6 years too :smiley: