Windows XP with Cubase 6

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does Cubase 6 work at all with Windows XP?

Currently, I’m running Cubase 5.5.3 on a (relatively old) Carillon PC with Windows XP SP3 and I just recently ordered the Cubase 6 upgrade. Sadly, I didn’t read the small print until last night and read with dismay that Cubase 6 requires Windows 7…

Apologies if this has been posted before but the search engine on this forum is not giving me a direct answer.

First post this, so finding my way around and this seemed to be the quickest way to get an answer.



Dear CentralMusic,

Many, many thanks for your prompt reply!

Best wishes


Just received Cubase 6 update today…Absolutely painless update, apart from a tiny niggle with Battery 3 not being found in one of my projects from C5 but that was just the .dll file needing to be copied across into the VST file of C6. Tested a couple of old projects, everything so far seems to be working fine! Not noticed if there is a greater demand on PC resources, seems the same as before, but perhaps it’s too early to tell yet…

Not tried out any of the new features yet, quite interested in the guitar-modelling amp and efx as externally I have a VOX AC15 amp mic’ed up with a Sennheiser MD421 and a Shure SM57 plus a bunch of pedals so will be interesting to compare…

Thanks very much again for the advice.