Wish: Caret should have the colour of the active voice

Wish: Caret should have the colour of the active voice, if “voice colours” is active.

Good idea…

Have you ever seen a blue carrot? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Actually, they were originally purple. Seriously, Google it!


I am not sure how helpful this would really be: Dorico does not use strictly fixed voice colors, they are applied dynamically.

It would help me! Currently I’m working on a pianopiece I’m imported with musicXML. I don’t now why, but I got 5 colours in every hand! I make many mistakes because I choose wrong voices. With a coloured caret it would not happen so often.

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For what it’s worth I prefer the orange caret - it’s a powerful visual cue, it doesn’t get lost amongst the other screen elements. Maybe there could be another way to indicate which voice you’re about to enter notes into. My first Dorico piano piece accidentally has tons of voices! But now I’m getting the hang of it (although I just screwed up a bunch of divisi string writing).

Personally, I think this is a FABULOUS idea.

One initial thought here: if it’s about making clear into which existing voice one is about to add, this could be made clear by just coloring that voice alone (then it can be the standard orange).

Not sure if I would like the Caret to change colour?!? Probably not!
Perhaps the little crotchet at the bottom of the Caret could change the colour if “voice colours” are switched on?
Just an idea …

I like the idea. Maybe it could be an option that could be turned on and off so that those who want the visual cue would have it and those who don’t like it wouldn’t have the bother.

I think this is a good idea in theory, but whether or not I would think it helpful for the caret to change colour would depend entirely on the colours used. As Dorico currently generates the voice colours automatically, I don’t think a straight forward implementation is very appropriate.

Predetermined colours are probably not an option, since the number of available voices is unlimited in Dorico.

Some other kind of colour indication would be great, though. Perhaps a small part of the status bar could be set aside for this?

I seem to recall also that Daniel said the various visual properties of the caret—including color, accounting for degrees of color-blindness—had been considered carefully, and that they are reluctant to add more of them. Though I would appreciate caret implementation of active voice color, selected note duration, and voice stem direction indicated on stemless note values (all of which have been suggested on the forum), I don’t know that it’s realistic to pack more information into it. Perhaps someone could create a mock-up? (Now that I think about it, what about a status bar that floats along with the caret? Then again, it would probably become tedious…)

Until now I worked more than 100 hours with Dorico. I imported 3 piece with musicXML from other programs. All three are nearly finished. My workflow with Dorico is good, but I make still many mistakes with the voices. For me it would be a great help, if the caret could have the colour of the active voice. I understand the arguments against this idea, but an option would be great. I don’t think that it’s very difficult to program this.