Without Videoengine ?

I don´t use Video! Is it possible to deactivate (rename videoengine and Videoengineoutputer.exe Videoenginereloader andvideoenginedcoder.exe) without consequenses for stability or ohter probs ? So i can save some Ram and starting time is faster?
greetings from germany!

Take a look at this post…


If your DAW is on an Internet Enabled computer, you can use a firewall to block components from downloading.

Another way is to simply remove the 4 video engine files from the Cb 6 component folder. You may want to put these in a separate folder somewhere on your computer so if in the future you would want to use the video you could put them back. Be sure to remove them from both the 64 bit folder and the X86 folder if you use both versions.

ok, ive read the thread above and the older post. Yes i well know the way to cancel the videoengine, but it is safe to do this?
I get rid of the machine but without any disadvantages? Yesterday i worked 2h without the vmachine and it seems to be no prob. :arrow_right: Anybody acquired experiences ?

Hi sps,

I have successfully terminated the videoengine from loading using a firewall application (hint, it is made in Sweden and was designed in Australia), but you must be careful that any dependencies do not try to load also.

Aloha guys,
Kool thread(s)!

I am interested to doing the same thing, only using a Mac.
Anyone have any info?


Can you please explain your problems with the video engine in the current Cubase version?

Otherwise Steinberg can’t improve it :wink:

Hi Bodo,

I don’t have problems with the video engine because it is blocked.

Also I use Kontakt Player, with Kconvert blocked as well.

My firewall takes care of this so long as it’s stable I block all non-essential items.

In fact I remove all Steinberg VST’s including built in effect and components.

Actually most of what normally comes with the program isn’t installed as I have only an Additional Content folder on install of the MSI with the majority of content removed prior to installation.

My reason? Memory, I use 2GB which is totally stable and is what Windows was designed to use.

I moved the 4 video files (as mentioned above) to another location and have been using Cubase that way for about 4 months now with no problem (on Windows 7).