WL8.0.4 Maintenance or WL8.5 demo?

Simple questions, should be simple to answer:

  • there was a rumored WL8.0.4 Maintenance Update.
    It happened with all former CubEndo versions that jumped to .5 and were then ultimately abandoned. I expect a final update on that as well, and if so… I’d like to know when.

I’d also like to know if this will be addressed with the Maintenance update:

PLUG-INS: Rendering certain VST 3 effects used within the Master Section now works as expected.

The VST3 issues are known since WL7 and were addressed by users, developers and beta testers of these developers alike. Also see here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=189&t=48712

Furthermore, was the sporadic happening metering offset (custom settings) for the EBU R-128 meter addressed in BOTH 8.0.4 (should it ever happen) and 8.5.x? It’s not in the change log, and the support didn’t mention anything further on that behalf through mail.

And if there is no WL8.0.4 (which is another slap in the face, since v8.0.3 was definitely NOT bug free)

  • will there be a WL8.5.10 demo in a timely manner?

    I refuse to waste money on WL8.5 because of the forced paid VST3 fix, only to realize that it’s still not working and it’s the “fault by the 3rd party devs” further on.


PLUG-INS: Rendering certain VST 3 effects used within the Master Section now works as expected.

We fixed that bug for internal plug-ins which under rare circumstances showed a wrong behavior. Furthermore we had a closer look to some 3rd party plug-ins. Plug-ins of companies which do not have officially released VST3 versions (neither alpha nor beta) will not be analyzed (unless developers get in touch with us beforehand and provide the VST3 plug-in). Other manufacturers were instructed on how to follow the VST3 standard accurately and as a result make their plugins compatible to the WaveLab master section.

Apart that, there will be a 8.0.4 update that fixes a couple of bugs.

Sorry PG, but this is still a sad excuse.

The support cut off ALL CONTACTS with the comment “It’s the 3rd party developers fault” - which wasn’t the first time btw (the same happened to me with my C7 reports, until I insisted on taking a closer look with the ASIO engine, and it was the first answer before my issue was even properly looked at with WL8!). And i know for a fact that Slate Digital/Eiosis (Fabrice Gabriel) contacted you on this issue. I also gave you very detailed bug reports, the “dev section” even asked further questions, asked to provide more data. Aside from two plugins from two different companies I forwarded you to, all plugins I mentioned were available to the public (mind you, not freeware!). Yet the support wrote me “according to our research, the plugins do not exist”.


Furthermore, people like U-HE stick to the VST3 specs like a fly to honey, yet the dev team still ran into issues with SATIN (but could thankfully fix it with a workaround). The “VST3 Audio Forward Bug”, as it’s infamously called among developers I beta test for, is existing since WL7 (!, so… almost 4 years now?!). Don’t tell me that high rollers like Nugen Audio did not code according to specs as well?

The VST3 SDK is an undocumented mess. That should be apparent by various angry comments through both the SDK ML and various web boards for VST Plugins. And Steinberg is the only host developer, where there need to be workarounds in 3rd party plugins. Totally understandable - especially if the VST3 plugins work in Cubase, but not in Wavelab.

But who am I to criticize? I’m just a mere paying user.

Then regarding the 8.0.4 update.
Thanks for the information. It was announced on KVR Audio, but was apparently not available to the public yet by Monday. The news post on Steinberg.net is also brand new (so to speak, 09th July - so that’s today)

I am also surprised to see a WL8.5 demo this time around - only with a 1 month and 3 days delay. That is a new one.

Though I do have a question on that behalf:
If I demo it, and then decide to update from my existing WL8.0 license, will the “demo” license be deleted from my USB key?

Now it’s down to testing again. But if you say that it’s for “internal plugins only”, then it’s once more moving the Old Maid over to the third party devs. Unless the issues have suddenly poof’d into thin air, then I consider this a silent confession that something was once again wrong on the host side of things.

Oh and greetings to the support!

A short and simple mail with “This will be addressed in the maintenance updates, due - please stay tuned” would have sufficed. Instead I got a “not our fault - furthermore I’m out of the office the next weeks, send in a new ticket if you have further questions”. :imp:

And you wonder why the board is clogged with questions and disgruntled posts like these. :unamused:


Oh we do the quote and cross-link game now?

I can play the same…

I obviously read the news entries and the board entries in here.


But thanks anyway.