Alright, just a compliment to PG here. The program behaves as if charmed by a Svengali of the 0 and 1 world. Wow, loading plugins, stopping and starting the playback, layout, everything is GREATLY improved from WL7E! Remarkable and amazing, thank you! Worth waiting for!! :smiley:


mr.roos could you please enlighten me what you think is a lot better in WL8E as I have looked at the comparison chart and haven’t really found anything to upgrade to version 8 for .
Could you try to imagine yourself working for the Steinberg sales team and try to sell me your product ? :wink: :laughing:
I am thinking of updating but "if it’s not broke "…

much appreciated


I’m also interested but the list doesn’t show $50 worth of improvements in my situation.

OK, sure, let me describe what’s better.

First off, GUI is better looking, let’s say 20% better for the critically minded, but for myself I would say 30%. I see that some have posted that they wish it was even better looking but I disagree with them. Instead it is a slight bump up from what it was visually. And yes, I am the same person who is not liking the mixer in C7, but prefers the C6.5 mixer - BUT BEAR IN MIND - to me function is more beautiful than looks. In other words, keeping the same basic mixer of C6.5, had C6.5’s looks only been impoved 20% and the functionality remained, I would probably love C7. And I think that’s what I am seeing here in WL8E.

Next up is the layout. It has changed slightly - but noticably - with a few added features. Now there’s a ‘file browser’ icon that lets you select from a designated file with the click of the mouse. So in other words, say you have a file with the songs you are working on centrally located - or wherever for that matter because ithe computer is browsable from this window. Click on this icon, open the file, select the file and it will be added to your montage and ready for the processing you need to apply. Very slick.

There is also a Meta-Data icon that allows for faster CD editing. Sure the process is the same overall, but now it’s much simpler to get to it. And, in fact, you can open and close it with a click. Very cool.

There is also a Master fader icon that does what you would think it would do - click, Master fader visible, click Master fader gone.

Isn’t that enough? Ha! But then there’s the operation of the software. It is improved greatly IMO. When I add a plugin it is immediately visible and immediately adjustable - AND - you can immediately sense the speed and smoothness of the program as this is happening. With WL7E, is was like, hm, not smooth somehow. It performed, yes, but this is like a BMW 7 Series compared to a Mustang, (no offense to Mustang owners!). You immediately sense the power of the software as it negotiates the tasks. Really. And I appreciate you will not truly understand this until you try it - but I will also stick my neck out and say that you WILL experience this immediately, from the first moment you open the program. Really.

There’s other subtle improvements, too, but finally I will also stick my neck out and say that this program, WL8E, will be very hard to improve upon. This must be the very best software of this type available anywhere for this kind of really stupid money and may well outlive it’s intended lifespan. (In other words, good luck to PG as he tries to improve on this, for he has set the bar VERY high, indeed.) Hope this helps.

ok thank you mr roo’s for the detailed reply just some things I would like to ask on top of that to those comments if I may .

1 There are a lot of complaints going round on various recording forms saying that the WL8 e in interface has regressed and how ugly it looks , in what way has it changed to make people think in that way ?

2 This is what I mean about finding new functions to update for ,this is one that I more than likely never use as I always have a file browser open on my 3rd monitor anyway and drag and drop any file into wavelab with out having to be crunched up into a tiny screen within a program

3 Is it true that the masterfader section is no longer dockable as this is another feature that I use quite a lot

many thanks for your time and comments


Hello, what do you mean with dockable… see please picture.

I think the most important improvements have not been mentioned:

in Montage now we have 2 Track FX (along with 2 Clip FX as before) AND a Montage Master Section, with other 2 slots for a total of now 6 Master Section Slots + Dither slot.

I think the GUI has improved and I personally like it.

Then all the plugs can be seen in one window (this function has to be fixed in 8.0.2 as PG promised).

The Studio EQ now has FFT analizer built in … :slight_smile:

hi marco what I mean by dockable is in wavelab 7 you can undock the master section and move it any where you want , is this still possible in WL 8e ?

Hello, yes, see new picture…

ok thank you for your time

You are welcome…

Thanks guys. It’s ironic how the small technical improvements that matter to most users dont make it to the main site. The GUI does look alot slicker, though that may be partially cause I’m running Vista and you Markino are on Win 7/8. Is that the new default color scheme for waveforms?

I don’t understand, wasn’t the file browser in the last version? Or was there an improvement?

I don’t understand, wasn’t the file browser in the last version? Or was there an improvement?

I guess (?) mr.roos speaks about this function: the ability to double-click a wav from the WaveLab file browser, to insert it directly in the montage at the track and cursor position. this function is little known, but it was already present in WaveLab 7.2.

More generally, I think mr.roos and some other users feel a global polishing of WaveLab. The application is more responsive, the GUI has been tuned, attention has been given to many details, and this gives an overall positive feeling. Something that can’t be summarized to feature X or Y.

Indeed, it seems I recall reading about this feature in WL7 Power.

Perfectly understandable. Has launch time decreased at all? This may be enough for me to upgrade, as I frequently use the Open in Wavelab export option in Cubase, and a faster load time could really come in handy. The whole integration makes checking for clipping and other errors a breeze.

Yeah, what he (PG) said! :laughing: (And no, I didn’t know that that feature was in WL7E!) :stuck_out_tongue:

As to launch time here, once the plugins have been scanned that first time, it’s a little quicker. I haven’t timed it though and this may be system determined finally, hard to know. (Um, just timed the two versions, pretty much the same from a desktop launch icon. I have not tried the Cubase>WL8E option yet, sorry.)

No, that’s not the new default color scheme for waveforms, it’s custom made - remembers me of an old Wavelab default scheme… the first time I met Wavelab, many years ago… I was so amazed by the Render function, I couldn’t believe my changes could be fixed in a waveform… and I never thought one day I could get in touch via Forum with PG :slight_smile:

Wavelab 8 is amazing… I think it is WAY WAY better than Wavelab 7. Not that Wavelab 7 wasn’t great… Wavelab 8 just feels SO much more refined and well thought out. It seems like PG took all of the new benefits of Wavelab 7, and he streamlined them into a much more user friendly interface. Everything is FAR more intuitive. All of this alone is worth the upgrade - seriously - it is that big of a difference. A HUGE difference in my opinion.

On top of that, you get some new plugins that actually sound great, expanded metering, etc. I personally feel this is one of the best Wavelab upgrades since the spectrum editor came about.

Amazing work PG!!! :slight_smile:

I am very impressed with the work you have done. I haven’t explored all of the new features yet, but so far it’s been a real pleasure working with WL8 and it’s refinements.
It took me 4 months before I could use WL7 in a serious session and now I have switched instantly to WL8.

thanks :smiley:

Agree, WL6->WL7 was a serious culture shock, I still have WL6 on an XP machine “just in case”, but once I got used to WL7 (and moved to x64, I was luckily able to do so), I was able to move to WL8 exclusively a few weeks ago.


WL8 just ‘feels’ better. I cannot explain exactly how or why, but I feel that my overall workflow has subtly improved. This, combined with a sense of rock solid stability (W7 Professional system) is exactly what a professional studio looks for in a DAW.

Thanks PG!