Workaround for Audio Connections bug on WaveLab Elements 11?

Hi, I’m on an M1 MacBook with Big Sur 11.6 and experiencing the already known bug for WaveLab Elements 11 where the audio will cut off as soon as you enter the Audio Connections menu.

I read on previous forums (i.e. WaveLab Elements 11 - No Sound) that the suggested workaround is just to restart WaveLab Elements and the audio should come back.

I’ve done so and the audio does come back, but every time I restart WaveLab the audio device resets back to the Integrated card. So I then have to enter the Audio Connections, update the device to my DAC Mojo, the audio cuts off again and the circle continues.

I haven’t found any comments from more people having issues with the workaround so wanted to check if I might be missing anything. Is there anyway to force WaveLab Elements to pick a specific audio device every time the app is opened?

(I’m a brand new Steinberg/WaveLab user)

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know why the workaround does not work in your case, for DAC Mojo.
But next week you will be able to use WaveLab 11.0.10.

Thanks for the good news!

I’ll be anxiously waiting for the update