Workaround for horizontal arrows


I just wanted to share a workaround for drawing horizontal straight arrows.
like the one here:

Dorico file here:
horizontal (422 KB)
It’s a long process that I explain below.
If anyone has a better way to do it, please share!
I’m sure Dorico will soon find an easy way to do it in a future update:

  1. Create a Sustain Pedal (Write mode => Playing techniques => Keyboard => Sustain pedal)
  2. in Engrave mode, go to Engrave Menu => Engraving Options => Pedal lines => Design => Hook only
  3. in Engrave mode, select the sutain pedal, go to properties => Line start Hook = No Hook / Line End Hook = No Hook / Line Width = 0.7 (for example)
  4. Go to => copy the arrowBlackRight for example
  5. In Dorico Write Mode, insert a musical text (Shift X => Music text) and past it. Choose the appropriate size (46 points for me).
  6. In Engrave Mode, go to properties => uncheck “Avoid Collisions” and drag the arrow at the end of the line.

Hope this helps.

You can fake the line with a hairpin with an aperture of 0, and adjust the thickness. It might be easier in this case than tweaking the pedal line.

That’s much much better!
And it works like a charm on multi staves instruments (otherwise the pedal line automatically gets on the bottom staff)
The only downside is that it doesn’t work well if I already have a hairpin in the bar (I should create a second voice).
Any way, it’ll sure help me.

All the best!

Another way, if you don’t mind the arrow being of a fixed length, is to use this font.

Good idea! Thanks!
It’s just that I don’t know how to add a font to Dorico.
I downloaded the Arrow Crafter font, went to (a Windows computer) =>“C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico2\fonts”, but even after restarting Dorico I don’t seem to be able to choose this font with a “Shift X” command.
Sorry if I’m asking a dumb question…

You install the font in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder so it’s available to all applications on your computer, not only to Dorico.

Thank you!

I have been faking the lines (without arrows) needed to separate alternative fingerings by means of a glissando line without the gliss. indication. Are there potential problems with this as opposed to the hairpin approach?

I don’t think so, not really. I guess the only possible downside is that the glissando line is technically attached to notes at either end, so if those notes get deleted the glissando line will also be deleted, but presumably you’re not planning on deleting any notes at this stage in any case.

Thank you, Daniel.

I have been substituting my need for long arrows with series of short arrows by choosing the arrow glyph from Wingdings3, entering it into MSWord, then in the Dorico text popover, choosing Wingdings3 font for that one character and pasting again in the popover. You can do this at multiple rhythm locations if needed.

I propose another idea: you can change the symbol for “niente (for hairpins)” (Engrave>Music Symbols…>Niente) and substitute it by an arrow head. you can then transform any hairpin to an arrow. This only works for horizontal arrows, as the arrow head is not turned with the haripin. You will have to change hairpin aperture and optionally line thickness. Here you have an animated GIF:

You can choose to change the “niente” symbol instead of “niente (for hairpins)” in case you need the little circle. Then you will have to adjust the gap between the end of hairpin and niente text (Engrave options>Dynamics>Gradual Dynamics>Advanced options>“Gap between end of hairpin and niente text”.

That’s quite ingenious. I hope that these kinds of inventive solutions won’t be needed for very much longer.

Thank you Daniel, necessity helps to find good solutions. I also hope that a definitive and fully implemented solution comes in short, but in the meantime this will make the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks for this workaround, xavierpages, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to do the first step – “change the symbol for “niente (for hairpins)” (Engrave>Music Symbols…>Niente) and substitute it by an arrow head”. I couldn’t find a menu/option for “Music Symbols” anywhere. Thanks.

Engrave mode, Engrave menu, Music Symbols.

One more tweak - arrowheads can be created with shortened hairpins. Coupled with 0 aperture hairpins they make acceptable arrows.

My apologies for still not getting it, dankreider, but here’s what I’m seeing on my screen. I don’t see an option for “Music Symbols” under the Engrave Menu (unless the “Engrave Menu” is something different from the “Engrave” drop-down?) when in Engrave mode. Sorry for being Dorically thick here, but any tips on what I’m missing will be greatly appreciated!

zmaine, the Music Symbols Editor was introduced in Dorico 2.2
Your screenshot seems to be from Dorico v1. Have you not upgraded?

Aha, yes, that would be it. Thanks.