Workflow question - audio mixdown WAV and MP3 at once


Wondered what would be the best practice to export an audio mix as both WAV and MP3 by a single action (macro, logical, etc anything combined).

So far I m unable to find a way so that a single command writes down both WAV and MP3.
I need to open the mixdown dialog twice, one for WAV and one for MP3.

It looks like ProTools is capable of this.

I asked Steinberg support (thank you Chris, as always), but it has appeared there’s no easy way for that. He suggested posting the topic to the forum for the collective wisdom.


Not possible to burn two separate format files at the same time. You can burn separate, multiple files using Batch Export, but they will be only in the single format you choose.

Not exactly what you ask for but a viable solution to bring down export times - if you re-import the mix into the project (I often do anyway as a mix progress reference for myself) just export that track as mp3.

Still means opening the export window twice, change format, select track to export but at least the export is lightning fast compared with export of a loaded project.

Yeah, that’s how I figured too. Only one format at at time. And that seems to be beyond the reach of macros or logicals.

Thanks marQs, the idea sounds like a good workflow choice for the time being, short of an option to render into two formats (like Protools). Only the caveat could be, it will potentially modify the project itself, for a stupid person like me tend to forget to delete the temporary track and get surprised the next day for the volume twice as big :sunglasses:.

Wow thanks peakae, thanks matthacksteiner, information in the link is exactly what I would need.

The basic idea from the link is, to utilize the Cubase’s recent feature “postprocessing”, such as sending the track to soundcloud, which I never used before. :ugeek:

The example was for Mac, since I’m using Windows, I’ll have to come up with some scripts that call ffmpeg and kick the conversion, but I got the spirit of the solution and it looks awesome.

This should give me the perfect solution!!


I’m in the habit of immediately removing the routing (no bus) right after export.

I use that for listening anyway (via the listen button/control room) to previous mixes which gives me an idea of how the current (hopefully more advanced) mix compares to an earlier one (which may be pretty rough but preserves the original vibe better sometimes).

The script solution is the better option for you probably, just wanted to line out that workarounds can have advantages as well :sunglasses:

I bought soundgrinder. Its a great little program. I just drag the exported WAV file into the soundgrinder window and it converts it to MP3 and drops it right back into the same folder it came from.

Thank you marQs for your insight! Comparing with the earlier mix sounds like a cool idea. I’ll try that.

Thank you Dudleys100, I’ll check out the app.

This often helps me to get a kind of ‘grounding’ after some hours of twiddling, trying all kinds of weird mix moves that are interesting and funny for an audio nerd maybe but do not contribute to a ‘better’ mix. Checking back to an earlier version instantly (perfectly time alligned with the project) is super helpful indeed!