Working with grace notes is a bit of a pain

So the piece I’m working on has tons of grace notes and two things are slowing me down a lot:

  1. When selecting a grace note and changing its note value via the number keys, the selection is cancelled afterwards so you have to reselect using the mouse after every single edit.

  2. When the note value of a grace note that has an element such as a slur or an articulation attached to it is changed, the slur/articulation is deleted.

Also, I would love it if I could use the R (repeat) shortcut on grace notes in the same way as for normal notes, for example to quickly add another note. Strangely this shortcut, when used on a grace note, adds another note to the chord instead of repeating the note.

Yes, we’re aware of these shortcomings with editing grace notes, and they’re on our backlog to be fixed in a future version.

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Thanks a lot for your quick response. Best support in the game, and your personal commitment (and that of everyone else in the team) is a big part of that!

Piggybacking on this—I would LOVE the option to choose unslashed grace notes as the default. I’m editing a lot of 18th-c. Neapolitan music these days and the proliferation of appoggiaturas has made for occasional slow going. (If this is already possible, I apologize, but I haven’t found it in any of the Options menus.)

Alternately, I wish the slash/unslash toggle would “stick” instead of switching back to slashed whenever I press Shift+N to continue note entry. I realize this is not how most other left-panel functions work, including note duration. But Rests (,) as well as the Pitch before Duration toggle (K) do “stick” in the way I would like, which makes me think it might be a possible option.

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Somewhat faster: you can filter-select all grace notes and change the property at once.

Indeed, this is what I do. (And by now it’s hotkeyed.) Still, it would be nice to input unslashed grace notes as straightforwardly as the slashed variety.

On that thought: It would be nifty when changing the scale of a passage to “Cue” that any grace notes would intelligently change to “Cue grace.” Probably not worth the programming hassle, but it would save another filter step.

Yes, please give us the option to choose unslashed grace notes as the default!

Actually, it was the default in earlier versions of Dorico! Why did they change it? Unslashed grace notes are just as common as slashed ones. Please, have mercy on us, early music editors!


If you don’t need slashed grace notes at all in your project, you can also go to Engraving Options → Notes → Grace Notes → Slash on Stems and set the Default length to 0 spaces.

OK. That’s brilliant (How did you discover it?) - But it’s a shame it can’t be overridden…

Dear Augustin,
I might be wrong, but I really do not remember that appoggiatura was the default in an earlier version and that it became acciaccatura on more recent versions. I remember that the option was asked a long time ago, like in 2017… So this must be on the backlog somewhere, and it will eventually be implemented when it’s its turn :wink:
I found this 2018 thread (but I really think there were others, before…) : grace note by default as appogiatura?