Working with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Series (49/61 keys)

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone is working in Cubase with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 or 61 keys and have any input about the UI integration, key feel, controls and ability to edit controls.

Thanks, Nicolas.

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Sorry, I haven’t found your device in the shared-midi-remote list.

Oh that’s sad… But I was asking because I don’t have it and wanted to know how the user experience is.

I use Pro 49 and it is fantastic, great feel, tons of features

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Hey Nicolas,

I have the Oxygen Pro 49 and it works great in DAW mode. The faders match up with the mixer view, transport controls, mute/solo all work. I haven’t figured out how to change patches through the virtual instruments using the keyboard only yet, but I’m still new to this controller. The pads work really well with what I use it for. I mostly use reason for my sounds. The only thing I’m trying to figure out how to fix, and its killing me, is how I go about using both my V1-m and Oxygen pro both in Mackie mode at the same time… The control works, but when I connect my Oxygen and put it in Mackie mode, the first 8 faders disappear from my V1-m and I’m only able to control them using my Oxygen. Other than my lack of knowledge with that, All good so far!!

Hope that helps

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Hi, artists,
I bought the oxygen pro 61 yesterday and I’m working on a script for the remote control. It’s not as easy as all that, especially with the encoder. If I can come up with an efficient and useful script, I’ll be happy to share it with you.

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Hi everyone,
I set up the oxygen pro and cubase without any problems by following the instructions on the m-audio site.
For those who want, here are screenshots of the configuration in studio device on cubase 13.

Then I created the midi remote control for the oxygen pro 61.
Here’s a screenshot.

It works pretty well.
My first problem is that I can’t (or don’t know how to) configure the encoder in the middle, the one that turns infinitely and can also be pushed.

Second problem, the oxygen pro works with 4 controller banks. For example, the 1st fader in bank 1 is associated with Midi CC 00 and the same fader in bank 2 is associated with Midi CC 9. This is great, as it gives us 4 times more controllers than the physical number of controllers on the keyboard. Yes, but I don’t know how to configure the midi remote control in cubase to indicate the different banks. If it doesn’t exist, it’s an update to add in my opinion, as many other midi controllers work with banks.

I should point out that in DAW mode on the keyboard (oxygen pro), the keyboard works with Mackie control. So you need to use the “M-audio oxygen pro editor” software supplied by M-audio to make any changes. I’ll have to look into this further.

As you can see, you can only use cubase’s midi remote control on the oxygen pro keyboard’s “PRESET” mode.
But at the moment I can’t use all 4 banks of the keyboard with midi remote control.

One of my goals is to control the vsti sylenth1 (which I highly recommend), and I need lots of buttons, faders, knobs… And for the moment I’m also using the M-audio oxygen pro Editor rather than midi remote control because of the banks I don’t know how to configure.

Thanks for any help or advice.

PS: I’m on Windows, can you remind me in which folder the midi remote control scripts are located?

Hi everyone,
my brain is a bit slow as I just figured out how to use the midi remote control assignment pages which are actually the same thing as infinite banks…
What’s more, you can assign controllers to different buttons on a VST instrument just by using the mouse on the desired button. In short, I’m very happy. Thanks steinberg.

There’s only one problem left: how do I configure the push-button encoder? But I’m looking and I’ll find it… I hope.

Hello all.
I too must have a “slow brain “ on this one. Having hooked up my Oxygen Pro 61 to my win10 pc I can’t figure out how to match the physical faders to Cubase 13 Artist. Whichever bank I select from the keyboard I can only control Cubase faders 9-16. I am clearly missing something here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers…

Hi @Stevie-Boy-Blue,

My guess is that there should be some button on the controller that switches between channels 1 to 8 and 9 to 16. So reading the manual of the controller might shed some light. Hope you manage to fix this issue. :pray:t2::musical_note:

I am using that keyboard. I’d love to see what is said on this!

Firsly thank you for responses. I have read the manual over and over and everything is setup in cubase as it should be. The problem is that the banks of faders are supposed to be in groups of eight 1-8 9-16 etc , just as you suggest but they are selected using the Bnak up/down buttons. Howwever, Selecting for example bank one shows the first eight faders highlighted as under remote control until I ,for example, move the keyboard fader no.1 . This instantly adds another 8 tracks to the bank and being that the keyboard faders effectively control. the top eight of any highlighted tracks the lowest track i can control is channel 9, not 1. scrolling up and down the banks then coninuest to add spurios extra channels to the bank. so it is pot luck as to which fader is gonna do what. Now, I would not consider myself a newbie with this stuff and have been messing about with cubase since the days of cubase 3 on a 1080 Atari, in the end …life is too short to waste on things like this so I have returned the keyboard under a free returns policy. What a relief, It was doing my head in.
incidentally, the software vst freebies that came with it, namely Air’s MiniGrand, Hybrid and Velvet, also proved to be a bit problematic in cubase 13. two out of three would not run as apparently the Dll files awere not present in the correct place. I followed the tech helpline support and re-installed the vsts but to no avail. Again…I gave up in the end. Two whole days solid spent trying to sort this out. Still, not a complete waste of time, I am now considerably better versed in the Studio setup in Cubase, Mackie, Mackie hui and all that. I have just purchased an Arturia keylab. Hopefully that will do what it says on the tin, unlike this rather time consuming effort from M-Audio.

Sorry to hear you had to go through all of this. I’m glad you were able to return the keyboard without issues. I wanted to suggest you try the Novation LaunchKey. I personally bought the 64 key version and it works beautifully. The Arturia was my first choice but decided to go with the Novation instead. Hope you find the Arturia works for you and good luck.