Workspaces: Shouldn't change my location on the timeline.

I use workspaces to make accomplishing various editing and mixing tasks easier— for example— for bringing up particular sets of plugins and channel settings windows. This, I would think, is the reason for workspaces. I don’t want choosing a workspace to move me from my position on the timeline, what tracks I am focused on and how tall they are, to some random place and zoom factor I happened to be in when I created the workspace. That makes it a pretty unusable feature for me.

At its most basic— I should be able to EXCLUDE the edit window from the saved window settings so that the edit window does not change when I switch to another workspace. An even more elegant solution would be if I could choose what was saved with my workspaces in a checkbox window, like the one in the lock clips feature— “EXCLUDE TRACK SIZE” “EXCLUDE ZOOM” etc.

As a post professional, this is future feature change #1 for me.

+100 (times per session)


where n is the amount by which this frustrates EVERY time.

Also workspaces should EXCLUDE

the zoom factors on the project window
the zone (left and right) positions of channels in the mix console (perhaps optionally)
in fact anything that is “content” of a window and not the "position of a window


Why, oh why do workspaces STILL change my visible position on the timeline? I hate this behavior so much. Why would I, or anyone want that? What windows are open and their position on the screen have nothing to do with my visible location on the timeline. Please change this bad behavior.



sounds reasonable

What I try to do is make sure that I am playing the sequence before I make the workspace change, so at least I jump back to where I was… but I still have to re-zoom and redo the track heights, etc. before I can carry on working. So frustrating!

Workspaces: Shouldn’t change my location on the timeline.



Andrew K

That would be the day I would start using them