Would it be dumb to purchase a cheap digidesign Control 24 in 2023..?

So, locally I see one for really cheap and I found about v-control pro license that lets you run it just like MCU…?

Anyone out there using control 24 in 2023 on mac, Cubase 12 pro…?

What are pros and cons…? what keys do not work…?

I am very keen to try one… haha… I am really enjoying mixing with avid artist mix… so… why not get a bigger one you know? or… I don’t know the downsides of it…?

haha… it is a very old unit and I wonder if it has MCU protocol or something else.

Like how cheap?

I’d probably skip it. Since it’s old it’s going to be worn and you won’t see in what ways it’s been worn. Could be some faders have only like a year left before they fail and then you’d have to get replacement faders (and get them installed). So whatever you pay plus the software license and that risk… hmmm…

Yeah… I thought… this could be a challenging but very realistic trial for me to… perhaps one day shoot for a modern approach analogue console such as XL-Desk etc. To see really, if my workflow gets better and more fun!

Because I really enjoy using artist mix and I definitely have this bucketlist of having big console-like board :slight_smile:

But yeah, your comment makes sense more realistic one!

Plus it is not even C24… it is control 24 (2001) haha…

Just out of curiosity - what was the price you saw?

Actually a friend of mine is moving overseas! so he offered me for around 400 usd.
But yeah~! there are pros and cons for sure. I need to really question myself, would I be really enjoying extended unit of (simply) MCU… you know? since, it is fitted best for Pro Tools right? I heard some functions just do not work on Cubase even under HUI mode. So yeah, faders could be cool and basic mixing can be done, plus transport control/visible metering… I should re-check whether I would fully enjoy it more than my Artist Mix… just scared I might be under-whelmed and not using it after some use… haha… plus the cost of the V-Control Pro perpetual license…!..

If you have a tablet I would recommend checking out EuControl if you haven’t already. It’s the software app from Avid that goes along with their Eucon controllers. I think that if you end up liking working with that then you might consider other options. I think used mix controllers are about 600 or so. So you could either stick with Eucon with two mix controllers for the same amount or sell yours and spend a bit more to get an s1.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the appeal in getting that many faders for only 600 (with the software) - I even considered that myself at one point years ago - it’s just that it’s an older unit, no longer made, and basically eol, and I don’t think Eucon can control it, though I could certainly be wrong about that.

You do music? Composer or engineer?

I have to jump in this thread as I was going to open a new one titled: pro and cons for a Cubaser to purchase an Avid Artist Mix controller? [Windows 10]


It’s out of topic here, but maybe I can have some infos from you gentlemen, as I see you know the argument

Thanks in advance!

Quite frankly I wouldn’t get the Avid Artist Mix either unless it was really cheap. Only reason I mentioned it to John is that he already had one. It too is discontinued and the new s1 has replaced it.

I do recommend the s1 though along with a tablet. Deep integration and for me in post definitely worth it over the older controllers (as well as compared to the Mackie protocol controllers).

What do you want to know? And what do you do?

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Thanks Matthias. My problem is space : ) and second one I need a controller with screen and no problems following/mirroring Cubase. Actually seems to be the only one solution for my needs

[I am actually studying the situation, and it seems that iCon controllers mirrors Cubase via Midi Remote script, but I am trying to dribble the “script tunnel” eheheh possibly stay in Mackie protocol or Euco, which I don’t know at all but seems to be easier for me and for what I already know]

I think you are right, the price is a factor, and I didn’t find it cheaper that €400, which is still too much for that old guy. That also blocked me, because the new Avid is awesome, tried it.

When you say “a tablet”, you mean also one of those touch screen monitors flying very cheap on Amazon lately? They have to be connected by HDMI+USB+own power supply. Or something else?

Because as far as I know Avid controllers use a different connection than USB, which would be new to me. But I would also be glad to avoid another USB peripheral…

So both the Avid s1 and the Avid Dock connect via Ethernet, either straight to the computer or via a router, and both can use a tablet. When I got my s1 I didn’t intend to use a tablet with it at first simply because I don’t look at meters on my controller when I work, I use the screen instead. The s1 also has 8 programmable buttons (two layers) on the bottom that can be used for a bunch of things so I figured that would all be enough. But because Amazon had the Fire HD 10 on sale at the time I bought it as well. I tried it for about three weeks and initially planned on sending it back, but I grew to like it and it was cheap enough that it was well worth the investment. If you already have a tablet lying around you can download the software for free and just try it out without a controller.

That tablet connects via WiFi in my setup, not USB or ethernet. There is some lag on at least one of the pages but for what I do it doesn’t matter. I’m not sure if the tablet is the problem or if it’s that it has to go through WiFi versus direct to the computer.

I wrote some thoughts on it here:

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Yes, i write, record, mix myself (trying to! haha) but yeah! I actually did purchase Control 24 and will setup soon with V-control pro… hopefully everything works smoothly!

Indeed I enjoy using artist mix! but if it works like charm, then 24 faders with transport control would be a big plus for me! :slight_smile: especially when mixing :slight_smile:

So any updates on how it is using the Avid c24 if it is still worth getting in 2023? Can I also use this on Studio One, Fl Studio, or for the latest Pro Tools?

I am enjoying using Control 24 on my Cubase Pro 12 (mac) and I believe it supports other DAWs and that applies the same for c24 (newer controller) :slight_smile:

Best to go and follow Neyvrick’s official Facebook page, he updates everything and he re-programmed the protocols for most DAWs, if I recall :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback much appreciated.

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Look for a good deal :slight_smile:
Also, Softube just announced console 1 mk3 and soon fader mk3 so, have a thought about other options too! :slight_smile:
For me, used control 24 price was really good so I got it last year. Having 24 flying faders are very fun. Downside is, control 24 is pretty bulky… haha…