Wouldn't a Cycle Mode be great in Dorico 4

First of all, Dorico 4 is fantastic. The jump bar alone would have been enough to make this worth the wait.

Listening to Daniel discuss the new mixer and turbo-charged play mode on Scoring Notes made me go and explore the new VST effect plug-ins.

I’ve started exporting mp3 files for my pupils so they can hear how music I’ve arranged should sound—something I’m more inclined to do now that Dorico is even more DAW like.

As I was adjusting some of the effects I thought, “Wouldn’t Cycle Mode be great in Dorico 4.” I’m no expert user of DAW’s, but when I do work in Logic Pro (sorry Cubase) I often loop a section and then make adjustments to reverb, compression, etc.

The Dorico team deserve a holiday so they can recover from the exertions of releasing D4, but perhaps after an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas, borrowing the Cycle Mode from Cubase would be a cool addition.

Cubase: Project Window Toolbar
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You want to record multiple takes in a cycle, like in Cubase, or you want to loop a section for playback, or something else?

I know this situation and I use a workaround where I select or create a repeat sign and then in the properties panel activate the switch “play n times” and enter a high number.

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And here I was thinking someone wanted to be able to load Dorico onto his Peleton. Silly me. :bike:


That’s a useful workaround.

Hi Daniel,

For me it would just be to loop playback of a section.

For example, I had a score with just a few bars of trumpet which I added a VST effect to. I wanted to adjust the effect as I listened to it. I kept stopping playback, returning to the start of the trumpet solo, playing it again and adjusting the effect as I listened.

The suggestion in this thread of adding a repeat section in the music with multiple passes is a good workaround, but having a feature similar to cycle mode in Cubase would be better.

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Well, we have note input by keyboard, note input by mouse—perhaps note-length input linked pedal cadence would be an interesting new feature.

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In Cubase you can loop playback, loop for live recording of notes and live recording of controller data. Although for some it would be nice to have all of this in Dorico, I would say its remit is primarily on the playback side. I would use loop playback all the time though the current workaround of pressing P twice is perhaps not so onerous.

The reason I prefer the Play n times workaround in this situation is that the command P-P is not active while making adjustments in a plugin window .

perfectly fair point!

I would love to have this functionality too. My scenario: I use other scorewriter software in order to write music that later I practice on my instrument.

When the material is rhytmically intricate, I often use the software as a practice tool, cycling certain sections in order to master them.


we have now April 2023 and still no cycle function. I was thinking about to switch from Sibelius to Dorico, but without cycle NO WAY

Welcome to the forum, Mehmet. It’s helpful to know that this feature is important to you.

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@Mehmet_Yesilcay - a lot of people have requested this. I personally can live without it but would like it. Although Dorico features are not determined by popular vote, I suspect the pressure may in due course tell :blush:

For interests sake, here was a response from one of the Dorico developers on the subject, to an earlier, similar request :- loop in Dorico - #16 by PaulWalmsley