Wow, just wow.

I, and perhaps a small handful of others, have begun peering through the documentation with the new release and I am just blown away.

Thank you so much to the team; this is incredible.

Thanks for the very detailed explanation on the new condensing feature!

I have just been through initially completely the version history for Dorico 3. Many congratulations to the entire development team, and condensing for me will be a god send, just for starters, and I will be applying it immediately to a number of scores however, apart from all the brand new features, there are numberous improvents together with a large number of issues resolved :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Where may I send some beer? :wink:

Where is this documentation?

Steinberg Download Assistant already has Dorico 3 and the Version History, apparently. Someone’s posted the PDF to the Dorico Facebook group, too.

Oh, and various tutorial videos seem to have gone live here:

Thanks pianoleo!

Wow indeed!

There are some video tutorials on the Steinberg YouTube channel as well.

I never was so happy for a piece of software. Just stopped by a cafe to watch the videos and download the app and the docs. I’m thrilled!

This is awful, awful news, guys! Awful in that I hoped I would have the morning to work, and now it seems that it’s the whole day that’s gone!

That’s exactly me as well.
While I was sitting in a busy cafe, I started making gestures of awe at every feature that the video threw in. It’s just exactly what I was looking for for my current projects.

It’s 5am in Montreal and I couldn’t sleep. Now I am wide awake and reading through the version history. Thank you, Dorico team, this is great work!!

Small step in version number, big step for note writing!
Congratulations and a special thank you for rewriting the navigation in write mode.
That makes me happy!

The website has now it already for purchase. Earlier it was still showing Dorico 2 for purchase and trial.

However, I don’t seem to be able to get the trial.

The trial version is not available for two to three weeks: if you want to use Dorico Pro 3 today, you’ll have to buy the update when it is available.

It’s already available. And it’s likely that I’ll skip the trial anyway

Will the update be available after your presentation at 3 PM? I have installed the update and I am ready to go!!!

You can already purchase it.