XML import question - time signatures

When I import an XML file (created in Finale) every measure shows a time signature X signpost. How do I get rid of these? (and why are they there?)
Also - probably for original formatting reasons (large time signatures shown only on certain staves), I also only see the time signatures in Dorico on some staves. How can I get them to show on all staves?

It sounds like you’re importing a MusicXML file exported from Finale. If you still have access to the original Finale document (or if the person who created the MusicXML file can re-export it for you), I would advise you to change the document settings in Finale such that the time signatures are shown on every staff as normal, and then re-export the MusicXML file.

Thanks for reply. It was indeed, as I said, a file exported from Finale. Since I did this as a test with one of my own files, I went back and changed it so that the time signature showed on every staff. When I exported that it imported correctly (well, the layout of staves was very bizarre, but maybe that’s an MusicXML thing?), no more X signposts and TS on every staff.
However, I would still like to know (if I had received a file from elsewhere) - how could

  1. one get rid of all these signposts, and
  2. have the TS show on all staves? (it’s not that unusual to have a large TS that shows only on certain staves).

P.S.: I shoud add that I had importd the file into a template with exactly the same layout, but the order of staves didn’t turn out the same. When I opened the XML file as a new file in Dorico, the order of staves was correct (although not all the groups).

To get rid of all of the signposts, you’d need to select all the time signatures in the flow (which you could do by selecting everything using the system track, then using Edit > Filter > Time Signatures) and delete them, then replace the time signature at the start of the flow.

To specify where time signatures appear, see the Time Signatures page of Layout Options.

OK, got it. Thanks.