XML import - Velocities support ("dynamics" attribute)


Usually people have a workflow which comprises of multiple software. So MIDI and XML are very important. I’m trying Dorico these days and it looks outstanding, but I personally miss importing velocities from XML, because my workflow would be to import from XML and I would love to start with the dynamics that I’ve already put in the other software.

The obvious workaround is to use MIDI but then you lose e.g. your enharmonic notation.

Maybe the Tuesday tip from yesterday could sort that out in two clicks?

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Now that is super interesting, I’m going to experiment with it. Thank you very much.
The request still stands though, because it’s a useful feature to have anyway.

There are many elements of MusicXML that are not yet handled by Dorico and there are numerous discussions here you can read to see the history and the current logic.

I’m not able to find a post that explains why this attribute is ignored, assuming it is ignored on purpose. To me it would seem quite useful, a lot of software do export it.

Crudely… Dorico does not import text elements where there is ambiguity as to its interpretation (see various debates about the interpretation of velocity in relation to loudness)

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