XML imported from Finale - Weird sounds

Hi there!
I’ve successfully imported an XML file from Finale to Dorico, (Mozart K. 563) but when I try to play it, there are bass sounds which are obviously not in the score.
I have searched everywhere: MIDI parameters seem to be OK, I’ve tried some other sounds and there was no change, same weird bass sound (noise).
Maybe one of you can tell me what’s going on.
I include a partial photo of the score and sound example.

You’re hearing MIDI keyswitches, which suggests a mismatch between the playback instruments/patches and the Expression Maps. How did you assign the sounds within Dorico?

Right. Typically you should assign misassigned instruments by changing the instrument in Setup mode, which will pull in a correct combination of playback instrument and expression map.

If you go into Play mode and start manually mapping instruments, you also need to go into Endpoint Setup (the cog in the Routing section of the left panel of Play mode) and set your Expression Maps correctly. I suspect the Solo Violin and Solo Viola sounds are correctly using the HSO Violin Solo and HSO Viola Solo Expression Maps, but given you’ve switched the cello to a GM sound you need to set its Expression Map to Default.

Thanks for your quick reply.
I’ve changed the GM Solo Cello to HSO Solo Cello and the problem is still there.
The MIDI keyswitches are present in all three voices, I can hear it when I mute/solo them.

Just re-apply the Dorico factory Playback Template and all should be well.

If you go Play > Playback Template, re-select the appropriate HSO template (labelled either SE, Elements or Pro, dependent on your version of Dorico), Apply and Close, wait a few seconds for the play icon in the transport to turn green, does it then play back correctly?

(This is what Janus just said.)

Nope. No matter what I apply: HSSE (Elements) / HSSE (SE) or HSSE+HSO (Pro), everything is silent after that.

And you waited for the play icon to turn green before attempting playback?

Yes sir.

In that case I would try changing the instruments (back to what they. already say they are) in the left panel of Setup mode. It may be that Dorico didn’t correctly map the instruments from the MusicXML file in the first place.

Quick demo of that at 2:11 in this video:

Then reapply the playback template and see if that fixes it.

Time to post a project? (Even if only a few measures that reproduce the problem.)

Yeah, no problem. It’s Mozart after all…
Mozart - Divertimento K563.dorico (1.7 MB)

Actually, that was all checked, but it’s something I have to re-do, which means re-import the XML file or I can correct it now?

I find that changing the instruments in Setup mode puts it right.
Click the disclosure next to the Violin player to reveal the instrument, then click the three dots > Change Instrument. Then search for Violin and hit OK.
Rinse and repeat for the others.

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See if this works. I reassigned the instruments in Setup and Reapplied the HALion HSO Playback Template.
Mozart - Divertimento K563altered.dorico (2.5 MB)

Come on, I did that already and nothing changed. What did you do?

That is literally all I did.
(I didn’t even bother to reapply the Playback Template.)

I import loads of Finale files, with very little problem. Can you upload the original Finale file or the XML? (You’ll need to zip it to load it here.)

II swear, I just did the same thing and didn’t get any change.