XP....will it or won't it???

Will C6 run on XP?


Already answered several times here at the forum.We did not testet it with Windows Xp.

Good question! They haven’t tested it, but that may not mean it won’t function.

You have to wonder since Cubase 4 & 5 are not supported on Windows Media Center PCs, but I’ve had no issues.

I guess we’re on our own to find out.

I may just go full Mac (Mac Laptop, Mac PC) if I have to upgrade to Windows 7 though…

What ever I do will cost Mac/Wn 7 will cost $3,000 USD or more. Mac will cost more for me because my RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652 audio card is PCI based. Just the RME MADI card is $800. I just see not much value in it at this time. My XP system just works fine. So does Cubase 5.

I’ll upgrade if we get some brave people to try it with XP and go un-supported.


Sx3 runs on 7 , i know its the oppsite way round but just shows unsupported stuff will.

Good luck

You forget that Wavelab 7 Officially Only supports Windows 7 However It seems to run Fine on XP

Porbably will run but you may run into the odd crash probably solvable by unofficial advice from users who are programmers and find the relevant workarounds. These guys may be spread across several forums though. Doubt there’ll be more than one or two here regularly.

Well if you need anyone to test it, I don’t mind.

Just send it this way…


Chris B. - you know that many users have decided not to migrate from a stable o/s (XP SP3) so why didn’t you test C6 on that platform? Maybe the office boy could have done it for you?? The incessant upgrade path leaves us no peace. Stability is as important as the “latest update”.

Yes, XP SP3 was stable enough, but Win7 has been around for quite a while now and has proven to be just as stable. It also offers real 64-bit (with hardware manufacturers also boarding ship) so obviously any sensible software company gets with the program and focuses on today, not on yesterday. Whether C6 runs on XP will soon be found out by someone here anyway, so just wait and see - and in the mean time you still have your C5 anyway…

Luck, Arjan

None of this would be a problem if Steinberg simply offered their XML Archive format in all of their programs, starting at some point.

Now lets see, how about version 6.

Is this the biggest hostile reaction Steinberg have ever had to a new version? It certainly seems to be. Now, I always get the latest version, as there are always lots of little fixes and updates that went unmentioned that improve things.

However, this time I am stalling, because I use Win XP, I have 6 AMT8 MIDI interfaces attached which will not work under Windows 7, so to go to Win 7 is going to cost me over £1000 for new MIDI interfaces plus Win7 OS, and I just don’t see anything in Cubase 6 to make me want to do this.
The weakest part of Cubase is the score editor, and I don’t see any improvements in that area with V6.

One bit of hope though, is that I can confirm Wavelab 7 does work all OK on Windows XP (SP3), so it looks likely that Cubase 6 will as well, It’s a shame that Steinberg couldn’t even state that Cubase 6 may work on XP despite Win 7 being recommended.

It’s about what is supported, not what will work.

In any case, if necessary legacy systems can be supported via the VST System Link, and I know it can often be a sore topic but it means you can do mixing on a newer system while pushing out midi data and so onto an older workstation.

Personally I will likely never use it but I know it’s there if I want to pull out (or purchase) some old “vintage” computer gear and lately it seems that new software is becoming closer and closer in terms of price to upgrades so hopefully everyone can be made happy with a little bit of learning and education.

I hope C6 will run on windows 98. I don’t like to rush into things although I’m preparing to make the move to XP very soon, wish me luck.

It’s very simple.

If C6 runs on XP, I shall buy it.

If it doesn’t, I won’t.

Already answered several times here at the forum.We did not testet it with Windows Xp.

well C.B this is just way too stupid of the steiny team “We did not testet it with Windows Xp”
Why the hell not ???
There will be no upgrade her until this is sorted out.
:question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:

it’s already sorted out, no support for xp. Even if it worked I wouldn’t want to use it because it’s not supported. There is nothing to sort out.

I’m with steiney (on this one) XP is old technology, C6 is the new technology. If you want to run an old OS you have to run old programs, it makes perfect sense and in the end the realistic people will benefit.

I would safely guess that more than 50% (and probably a lot higher than that) of all Cubase users are running Vista or XP, so Steinberg are about to lose more than 50% of their market, by going Win 7 only.

What is so annoying here is that no one is answering the question being asked by so many, we DO NOT want to hear “it is not supported” we accept that as OK, so please don’t anybody say that again, we want to to know “IF IT WORKS”. And by the deliberate vagueness of Steinberg, I am beginng to believe that there is a fundamental problem the C6 under non Win7 that Steinberg do know about, but prefer not to mention.

Sorry samicide - for myself (and others) it is not sorted out.

I’m not asking Steinberg to support C6 on XP.

All I’m asking for is a simple answer to a simple question, along the lines of either:

  1. “Yes it will work, but we don’t support C6 on this platform.”
  2. “No, it will not run.”

How can this possibly be too much to ask?

I doubt it.

because if there were problems on XP then you would all be screaming “you said it would work!”

You should take ‘not supported’ as ‘no it will not run well’

that’s your safest path for stability.