Yamaha piano not installed so no sound

I installed Dorico 5 last night and enjoy the composition components, but when I went to playback - no sound. I did the troubleshooting video. The Yamaha piano was not installed in the first slot of Halion. I dropped it in myself and still no sound. I use a Windows 10.

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Have you tried applying a Playback Template from the Play menu? That is the first thing I would try.

Additionally, please go through the steps from this thread . After that choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

If the instrument is loading, but no sound is coming of anything, then check the output device selected in Edit > Device Setup.

@trecho18, please see here:

I went down the list and tried everything. Still no sound, not even metronome. The Yamaha piano never shows up when I press the “e”. The VST Audio Engine is listed in the Task Manager. Which is the correct ASIO driver to choose, Flex, Generic or Realtek? I only have one output to choose. Thank you for your help!

I tried the patch/repair and still no playback sound.

As per @Ulf 's request do Help>Create Diagnostics Report and upload the zip file that is created on your desktop here. He will then be able to advise based on your particular PC configuration.

FWIW on Win10, I use FlexASIO without problems.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (539.7 KB)

Hey, I figured it out! You have to add an instrument for every line you write of music!

Normally, instruments should be automatically assigned, when you add each Player. Is that not happening?

Hi @trecho18 , so you do have sound now?

Yes, I didn’t realize I had to load instruments into every layer of notes!