Yamaha Studio Manager in future Cubase? (Mac)

Hi, Does Anyone know if Cubase/Yamaha is going to implement Studio Manager compatibility in future Cubase 64 bit releases?

It was REALLY cool to be able to open a project and automatically sync the $10,000 mixing board that I bought from Yamaha. It was the most useful and professional tool that Steinberg and Yamaha incorporated into Cubase IMHO. It would be a gosh darn shame if it’s just gone away!

Any news would be AWESOME!!!


Why not simply stick to one thread…?

Hi Thinkgcap, Thank you for your response.

The original post specified Windows platform. I made a new post about a Studio Manager integration for Mac to clarify that indeed there are others who would like to see this happen on Mac. (Since the two platforms have been combined on this forum).


Oh, and also because I posted this about a year ago and did not get a response from anyone.

Yes… a shame.
I’m a little bit annoyed because I have the same problem between my Win 7 64 bits and my 01V96i. No response from Steinberg or Yamaha.
Maybe the solution is to go to Presonus :slight_smile: (it works fine in any case)

Aloha S,

Found this for mac :

Status of each software and driver
[Compatible] Studio Manager V2 Host