Yamaha Studio Manager - Problem Cubase 8 - Info

The following request I sent to the yamahaproaudiosupport. When I get a response I would get back to you again.

Unfortunately, the studio manager does not work in Cubase 8. Close the window in the new Cubase leading to a crash of Cubase. If the window is opened, there is an error message when you quit Cubase. I work with Mac OS (Mavericks) and Cubase is running in 32-bit mode. Therefore 2 questions. Is the problem known and will be fixed? Will there be in the future a 64-bit version of Studio Manager for Mac OS? Yamaha builds equipment that will last a life - logically, the user will then work a life with it and take advantage of new software. The Studio Manager problem affects many users as I could already read in various forums.

anything new? thats so anoying, i need that for work

No feedback yet. The employees probably do not have time, because the errors must be fixed. The customer should not have to wait so long! Customer comes first and then feedback:-) And just so I’ll keep it with the next major update to Cubase 8.5 or Version 9.0 Super Pro. Wait for feedback on the forums and buy weeks later or be content with what works (7.5).

thats fu**ed up. it was promised for mid january at the latest and now not even an info. thats really not customer friendly.

Now I am sure that you should think twice at least before upgrade to Cubase new soft… specially with older equipment. Maybe here is a core problem that concerns new optimized Cubase engine…

The problem was not resolved with 8.0.10. Only on Workaround = Studiomanager as Standalone :frowning:

As I read it, the problem was never going to be resolved in 8.0.10 anyway

Here’s what I have seen posted from Steinberg:-

In summary, it is now your responsibility (and other StudioManager users) to keep the pressure on Yamaha Corporation directly, to address this. Steinberg have done all they can their end.

Do not be satisfied with no response from Yamaha Pro Audio Support - post them again and again if necessary…! Japanese culture can be hard to deal with (for Westerners especially). But one thing they cannot abide and usually not tolerate easily, is bad publicity or their reputation potentially being harmed. Usually, this will galvanise them into some positive action.

Good luck…!

Thanks for the info Bob! But sorry! In my view, Steinberg has indeed some responsibility. Yamaha hardware is sold in combination with steinberg products. The Studio Manager is not a VST plugin it is an integral part of Cubase. But as you can see, I’ve written a mail to yamaha. The contribution here in the forum should only inform the user. And yes, the pressure on yamaha should be increased. Maybe send another user a mail to japan.

So, good year is making tires for bmw for years and they fit perfectly. Bmw come up with new model and those tires are not fitting. How can that be good year’s fault? How can this be yamaha’s fault with studio manager that was released in Mar.17, 2010? Correct me if I am wrong, everything is better than total silence from steinberg…

I just got a feedback from Yamaha Pro Audio Germany.

The integration problem in Cubase 8PRO is on the Steinberg site.
This is Steinberg already known. A development of 64-bit editors is currently not planned.

Then we wait and see :wink:

Just to bring this topic back on the table.
we did not get any information about Studio Manager Plugin for Cubase 8 Pro. How about Cubase 8.5 Pro?
Can we expect to get a fix for Studio Manager at least for the 32-Bit Version of Cubase 8.5 Pro?

I no longer believe in the integration into Cubase. It is also not a problem which can be solved by Steinberg. Yamaha would be active here. Under Mac OS El Capitan now works unfortunately no longer the stand-alone version of Studio Manager. That was so far my workaround. Unfortunately applies to Mac users, the statement “only update your operating system if Yamaha has delivered something new”. Yamaha uses apparently only Windows-based hardware. I also have no desire to beg every time the Yamaha Support for new updates. Under Customer Support I understand proactively act. Let’s see - hope dies to last!

Mail to the Yamaha-Support today:
Hello Yamaha-Support! Will you offer an editor for Mac OS El Capitan for 01V96V2 / VCM? The editor for the 01V96i also works in conjunction with the 01V96V2 and VCM, but unfortunately no Synchroinsation is possible. The editor of 01v96v2 is unfortunately rejected by the Studio Manager. Because there is no more Studio Manager in Cubase 8.5, the standalone version is the only way to connect to the console and to save a session.

Hi project-mdp, did you get an answer from Yamaha? Unfortunately i switched to El Capitan, opened SM2 lately and boom.

Thank you.

Yes I have received a feedback in the last week. The Studio Manager is now compatible. The products 01V96 / 01V96 / 01V96V2 are no longer supported. The 01V96i is supported. The constant change in Mac OS would be too time-consuming to adjust the older products. As customer, we should complain to Apple, since the problems has arisen there. So much for that! It would be helpful if the Yamaha Support would still get more inquiry on this issue. Maybe then can move something there. I first set my main system back to Yosemite. Let’s just hope that Cubase continues the Apple operating systems support (Steinberg = Yamaha). A tip for last: Always have current Time Machine backup!

Today I got a workaround from Yamaha Germany for the 01V96V2/VCM Editor under Mac OS EL Capitan. I´ve tried and it works! Please first read completely! Use at your own risk!

  1. Boot in recovery mode ( hold command and R)
  2. Start the terminal and enter the command csrutil disable
  3. Reboot the system
  4. Install the 01V96 Standalone Editor
  5. Boot in recovery mode again
  6. Start the terminal and enter the command csrutil enable
  7. Reboot the system

That´s all! Now you can add the editor to the studio manager and sync the 01V96.
The problem = Apple system integry protection.

Don´t forget to download the Studio Manager for EL Capitan!

Thx to Yamaha Germany!

Thank you project-mdp! That sounds great. I´ll give it a try soon.

It works perfectly! Like it did before the update to El Capitan.

Thanks again, the world needs more people like you!

Any news for pc users? Why is the window hidden on project startup in cubase 8 and 8.5?
Anyone from steinberg???

Is there any news about Yamaha’s studio manager’s “confirm recall synchronization” box always hidden behind the arrangement window? :question:

:blush: WARNING: If Cubase is run or the Mixer (02r96v2) is touched before finding the “confirm recall synchronization” box, all mix setting are lost. :blush:

Is this going to be fixed for cubase 8.5 windows 10? :question: