Yet another "no sound" problem - I hope this is some simple mistake

One of the most common problems people report with Cubase is “no sound” but this one was interesting because it happened all of a sudden. I hope it turns out to be some simple pilot error!

I was running a loop but not touching Cubase at all. My mouse and keyboard rested on the desk untouched. I was plugging and unplugging different speakers and headphones and testing intermodulation distortion with a microphone and desktop spectrum analyser when suddenly the sound cut out.
I restarted Cubase. I rebooted my PC. No change.

All my other audio apps - e.g., Adobe Audition, iTunes, browsers playing Youtube, Windows Media Player, etc, etc even FL Studio, all work perfectly. You can see by the cyan level indicators next to the Pianoteq and Kontakt tracks that Cubase thinks it’s playing music.

Attached are screenshots showing Audio Connections and Studio Setup.

I know many people prefer ASIO4All but I’ve been using this driver since last year with no problems.

Windows 10, Cubase 11 Pro.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you see a signal on your Stereo Out Meter?

Pretty sure this is because there really can’t be a standard set of instructions on how to configure this because some of it is dependent on the specific audio interface being used. Also it is a moderately technical task that unfortunately must be completed before anything else can be done - so it can be a steep learning curve for non-techie folks.

Yes, the meter looks like there’s a real signal.

Another detail - this affects all my projects - even old faithful ones that have never given me a bit of trouble.

Here’s a new datapoint:

I can create new tracks in the otherwise silent projects and they play fine. They have to be genuinely new - I can’t just do a Duplicate Tracks. But if I make a new track with the same instrument and same notes, etc as one of the silent ones it plays fine.

Comparing them side-by-side in the Inspector doesn’t reveal any difference between the one with sound and the one without. What should I look for to see why one plays and the other doesn’t?

We need to see the mixer, not the notes…
Maybe your old channels are simply not routed to the Stereo Out?

Here’s what the mixer looks like for the two cases. I don’t see any difference. What’s the difference between Stereo and Stereo Out?

I started using Cubase in earnest last fall after a long learning curve so this means I now have six months of projects that are unplayable. I can add new tracks that are playable to all of them, so this seems to have something to do with individual tracks.

I swapped Stereo for Stereo Out in Audio Connections and now I don’t get sound from any of the channels.

In this configuration there is sound being generated on all three tracks but nothing on Stereo Out…

Also, I’m running Cubase 11 Pro and I was looking again at Studio Setup and I noticed that it was very different from the one in Cubase 11 Pro User manual. (does it depend on what driver you’re using?) What does the first “Reset” (marked with a arrow) button actually do? Dare I press it?


The Stereo Out channel is Muted.

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I got the same issue with one project. I don’t know what I did (cubase has crashed) but one audio track isn’t outputting any audio anymore. The track meter shows the signal but it won’t reach any Output channel and the Control Room anymore. Disabling CR and listening directly through the output doesn’t work either. Even using another interface doesn’t make it work. My routing and track settings settings are all okay, and I’m not that dumb. This is definitely not a “your output is muted” issue.

Now hear this : Using the Listen / Scrub tool on that track is outputting audio perfectly.
There is a lot of bugs in Cubase, but this one just blows my mind

Duplicating the event on an empty space (which creates the track automatically) doesn’t work either, because doing this also duplicates the glitched track, but, prepare yourselves, creating a new track then duplicating the event to it magically works.
This confirms that this is an internal issue and not a user/settings issue.

Hi @Louis_R,

After the crash the project might be corrupted. So in this it might happen, there are some issues in the project.

I would try to click the Deactivate all Mute States and the Deactivate all Solo States buttons.

But as I said, something might be corrupted and recover of the track might be more complex.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak, I tried everything, including the deactivating of all mute and solo states. This also makes me believe that the project is corrupted. This project wan’t important at all. And also that was the first and only time I had this issue, it was on Cubase 10.5. The chances for it to occur were probably very low.

I’m speechless…

The Stereo Out channel is Muted.

Sorry - that was temporary but I shouldn’t have left it in the screen-capture - Unmuting it makes no difference…

In the original version where everything was working it was set to Stereo, and then in the version where only new tracks worked it was set to Stereo, but I set it to Stereo Out because that’s what’s in most of the online examples, and nothing works in Stereo Out.

The difference is probably in the documentation but how do you suggest I find it since it’s hard to do a Google search, say in the documentation, on the difference because the word “Stereo” exists in the string “Stereo Out” so it’s hard to find an article with both of those phrases in it to compare them.

The ‘Stereo In’ on the left is for audio input. If you connect a mic or keyboard (and/or any things not midi) you see some meter moving, there. The ‘Stereo Out’ is for where all the tracks are summed () go out to your monitoring system, like speakers and/or headphones.

(I am sorry for wasting this space if you already know all these.)

Regarding no sound, can you make the mute/solo state looking like this? No ‘M’ and/or ‘S’ at all here.
No MuteSolo

Lastly, can you open this project and see what happens?
02 Menuet.cpr (2.6 MB)

The ‘Stereo In’ on the left is for audio input. If you connect a mic or keyboard (and/or any things not midi) you see some meter moving, there. The ‘Stereo Out’ is for where all the tracks are summed () go out to your monitoring system, like speakers and/or headphones

Thanks but my question was "what’s the difference between Stereo and Stereo Out - these are the two output options presented to me in the Audio Connections Dialog under the output tab . . . Earlier I was using “Stereo” but now I’m using “Stereo Out”

Regarding Menuet.cpr - I tried to open it but it’s missing an audio file and also I get this . . .

…but I don’t think the problem is related to playing just MIDI files because I can’t play audio files or even MediaBay auditions either.

Regarding no sound, can you make the mute/solo state looking like this? No ‘M’ and/or ‘S’ at all here.

Yes I tried that - deactivating all Mute states made no difference.

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In your case, both “Stereo Out” and “Stereo” are Output Channels, since you show us the Outputs tab of the Audio Connections window.
If you click Add Bus, you can add as many Output Channels as you want, and also assign them to the same peripheral. By default their names are “Stereo Out”, “Stereo Out 1”, “Stereo Out 2” etc. You can rename the Channels by double clicking on their names. If you need only one output, right click on the others and delete them.

Your issue doesn’t come from here at all. Your project may be corrupted like mine.
Read this: (click the arrow to expand, the post is earlier in the topic anyways)

Sometimes removing the output buses save and close down cubase . Open cubase again and recreating the output buses, does the trick.
You will probably need to reconnect the output on every track again.
This is not a new thing, it has happened for me on pretty much every version since I can remember.
Usually because of a large overload of the bus (feedback) or a crash.

I’m not sure about that because even old projects from months back that worked fine until this all started a couple of days ago are affected. I’ve lost months of work unless I can get to the root of this!

Also I can create a brand new project from scratch and that plays fine. But it won’t play any of my old projects so I’ve lost six months of work. But I can add new tracks to those projects that DO play, as I illustrated with …

Does Cubase save particular audio settings like Audio Connection or Studio Settings mapping on a per-track basis?


Audio Connections and Studio Setup is not per track. Studio Setup is global settings. Audio Connections Inputs and Outputs are project related, Control Room is global settings.